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recent bullish divergence and this stock got a nice boost today as deutsche maintains its 125 price target. to me the chart looks like its screaming for 68 ahead of earnings which are due feb-23 amc            

I am long with a half position around 60 looking to add more on pullbacks or as it cuts through 68
Perdagangan aktif: ACIA showed a decent price action today and for the first time in ages trades back above the 50dma. I think there is a good chance that it just runs thru 68 tomorrow already.

That's why I added today to my position at 65 already. I'm not quite sure if that was the right thing to do coz it averages my position as high as 62 and therefore the trades stays on risk. however, ACIA closed strong at its high and in aftermarket was trading even higher.

further scenario:
I want to see ACIA taking out the 68 resistance and be basing at this level. Then I would consider holding my entire positon through earnings. I expect that even if earnings are just in line, it would give ACIA another boost up. It is a great high beta stock with impressive growth and in a strong sector.

my target would be 80+ if earnings are good and I would be looking to add in this case
Perdagangan aktif: this ACIA is going to 80 with in line earnings. many sitting sideline and waiting for earnings to get in. decent price action today and well off the 50dma. holding from lower...
Perdagangan aktif: flirting with the 68 and decided to reverse. stop now at cost. must show strength tmrw or reduce
Perdagangan ditutup secara manual: as mentioned I reduced shortly after the open at 65.70 and stopped the rest little above cost. Dont accept weakness in front of earnings
Komen: again it feels good not to be holding ACIA through earnings. Sold it as it showed weakness in front of earnings for a gain that was okay. Didnt want to be holding without a buffer.
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