I'm long $ARGT indirectly, recently added to all my shares in the local market (yesterday on close to be precise). I anticipate a massive rally from here onwards. People have been pannicking lately, this increased to monstrous levels with the upcoming parliamentary elections, and now the talk of thermonuclear war. Recently I read an anecdote from Mike Epstein, at Tom McClellan's twitter feed. The key point, was that, the market will probably bounce if nuclear war doesn't start...and if it does, who cares if we lose on this trade, right? :/
Here's a link to the tweet, I suck at narrating stuff:

Anyway, Argentina is in a very strong uptrend, and the recent pullback is a terrific uptrend for the very significant growth potential it has, discounting political risk and currency risk, if the government eventually delivers. I'm betting they won't disappoint investors.

Best of luck to all of us...

Ivan Labrie.

Great move so is paying off already. I hope someone benefited from this, buying at today's open.

Excellent progress!
Komen: Good to add tomorrow...
Komen: Intense breakout here.
Komen: This and the Peso should have bottomed for now:

Remember than June 20this the decesion of MSCI and June 19th another super tuesday of LEBACS, right? If Brazil keeps on falling (as it does, just like Turkey) and Argie data are bad, well ...see you in da pipes
IvanLabrie showerreport
@showerreport, I see oil lifting off here...should be fine, EM wise. LEBACs shouldn't pose a problem here, last week things were different overall, market seems to be regaining confidence in the BCRA.
showerreport IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, witht the initial 15% tgt of inflation that now is almost 27%? We must expect what MSCI says.
Ivan a while ago you posted about the bank of Argentina, I can't seem to find the link. However I'm interested, any thoughts??
IvanLabrie RJHumphries
@RJHumphries, it was a $BMA chart.

Good time to load up on equities this week.

$BMA, $TEO, $MELI, $CRESY, $IRS, or just $ARGT are fine.
showerreport IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, IRS has lower volume than any delisted stock in the world.
Nice, targets from T@Mode?
hi, is this forex? where can I trade ?
IvanLabrie lemosedmirf
@lemosedmirf, no, US stock market, it's an ETF tracking Argentinian shares.
Well done Ivan
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