AUDUSD - 1350 Pips+ Still Counting- Can we nail it@0.7695

FX:AUDUSD   Dolar Australia/Dolar U.S
Check the video for an exciting journey of 1350 pips from highs@0.8125 to 0.7532 lows & from 0.7532 to 0.7695 with all twist & turns - can we nail it with bearish Gartley in current structure below 0.7695. Let me know your comments. Do support.
Dagangan aktif: 15:38 Hrs 19th Dec2017

Last Price@0.7674

Bearish Gartley to start the fall below 0.7695 for 0.7655-0.7635 - below 0.7630 for lower targets.

Dagangan aktif: 20:17 Hrs 19th Dec2017

Last Price@0.7656

Target 1 done@0.7655 - if holds above 0.7655 then bounce can be expected & we can enter sell later on bounce for another fall.

2nd Target below 0.7655 - 0.7635 & below 0.7630 for 0.7580

Dagangan aktif: 18:17 Hrs 20th Dec2017

Last Price@0.7675 (Sell with bearish bat)

Got some pips from 0.7675 to 0.7655 - expected a bounce - got the bounce again to 0.7675 from lows of 0.7645

Next if it fails or gets resistance between 0.7675-0.7680 - going below 0.7669 -shall be good enough to take sell again for 0.7655- putting stops above 0.7695

Break of 0.7645 - will continue down to 0.7580

Look to sell with this bearish Bat between 0.7675-0.7680
Dagangan aktif: 08:21 Hrs 21st Dec2017

Last Price@0.7664

Target 2 done @0.7655 in Bearish BAT suggested above

Dagangan aktif: 19:31 Hrs 21st Dec2017

Last Price@0.7685

Did you sell the double top - with 5 pips stop only else look out to sell below 0.7680 next.

Dagangan aktif: 10:03 Hrs 22nd Dec2017

Last Price@0.7711

AUDUSD is running very close to critical resistance upside which is 0.7729 above key level@0.7695
Holding below 0.7729 -we are still bearish but to confirm selling we need pair to drop below 0.7655 in convincing manner.
In earlier trades we booked 40-50 pips in 2 Harmonic Patterns back to back & exited at 0.7655 exact.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: 07:45 Hrs 28th Dec2017

Last Price@0.7781

Happy New Year 2018!

Moving above 0.7695 & 0.7729 - has turned pair having short term bullish scenario. There is no sign of weakness unless we get a sign - we won't jump for selling.

Best Regards,
Abhishek H. Singh, CMT
India Regional Manager
| LinkedIn
India Markets-BSE, NSE chat room- https://in.tradingview.com/chat/#b4sFOMIVqPkq8gfQ
Price may go to 0.7600 area but the 0.7650 area seems to be providing support.
@skgogoi, Short term support in the zone 0.7650-0.7655 so we booked initial target@0.7655.. On long term basis unless it crosses above 0.7695 & later 0.7730 - will avoid on long trades.
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