Paybacks a BCH! The DragonSlayer is here, the dragon will fall.

BITFINEX:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
Looks like bitcoin is retargeting and will become more profitable to mine than #bch bitcoinCash, this will not do... Satoshi says the price needs to go higher, much higher... Maybe if it becomes profitable enough everyone will switch to mine $bch and the $btc chain could come to a halt, with not enough hashrate(mining power) to solve blocks... expect confirmation times to get LONG and get your btc into the exchange soon if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, soon you might not be able to move it.

RSI is oversold --- could mean above chart will get invalidated quickly if volume comes back, will chart again if that happens :)

If you find my charts or this information helpful any support would be appreciated :)

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Dont forget that if the most miners will go to BCH, then the difficulty of mining BTC will also decrease. And the lower it will be - the more atrractive mining of BTC will become again.
Satoshi's coming home
the pumpers wont let it happen
qdoc Judas_Goldrich
@Judas_Goldrich, let's see...
hahah loved the title
where are you getting your evidence that Dragonslayer is real? at fork.lol it shows the hash rate has been increasing for BCH, not BTC and BCH's new fork actually adjusts profitability to peg to BTC so any profitability readjustent would be short-lived, it's set to 24 hours in the code i think..the difficulty difference right now is at 3.94% as well, so that's not big enough to make miners move.. everyone seems to be focused on the difficulty readjustment day chart which is declining but that obviously boosts up and declines b/c it's in # of days. I just did about 3hrs of research on this, If you have any evidence other than the hype please let me know, i would LOVE for this to be the case, .. if anyting the BCH rally is happening just b/c people want to believe it. thanks
@qdoc, thanks bradda
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