BCH/USD A weekenders play!!

BITFINEX:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
Looking at this chart. I think BCH is poised for another run up as soon as we complete this pattern. We will need plenty of green volume to drive the price. As I type this, Coinbase / GDAX BCH buy options is not fully operational at this time. As soon as it is, and it will be again soon. I think this helps drive the price further than we have seen. The Coinbase effect here is the catalyst this time. This will be the first weekend for BCH on Coinbase / GDAX. Christmas weekend!!!! Many will gather to talk and be the "smart" guy who moved his/her BTC .. could it be... ??
Let's also not forget when Coinbase/ GDAX opens up thier BTC/BCH pair some may simply trade over a little or a lot. Either way this gets us our BCH volume . This may or may not play out like this. Please do you own research. Place your bets!!! xxwhitevaderxx
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I suspect a nice rally this weekend as well. Thanks for sharing
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