BTC Whale dumps pattern

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Mt. Gox dumps
I have noticed it has been happening around 16:00 01:00 UTC (tradingview) time

Lets see if it repeats again at the next point.. Dont take it as financial advice, could be just a coincidence
Komen: Still happening UPDATE March 10

Komen: UPDATE March 11th

Did it just happen again? lol
Shhhh! Now they know we know...
This is a great chart, congrats. You're one of the few people here who found a pattern with predictive power. Mt. Gox moved 5k BTC out of its wallet on Mach 6th. I think they have been dumping 1k BTC a day since then. Each dump is exacerbated by panic selling. As of today they're probably done dumping.
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The next story will be of people excited that the Mt. Gox folks are buying it all back. xD
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Very, very interesting. No such thing as a coincidence beyond 3 occurrences, imho. This actually reminds me of Time-Weighted Average Price strategies.

From Wikipedia: "In finance, time-weighted average price (TWAP) is the average price of a security over a specified time.

TWAP is also sometimes used to describe a TWAP card, that is a strategy that will attempt to execute an order and achieve the TWAP or better. A TWAP strategy underpins more sophisticated ways of buying and selling than simply executing orders en masse: for example, dumping a huge number of shares in one block is likely to affect market perceptions, with an adverse effect on the price.

High-volume traders use TWAP to execute their orders over a specific time so they trade to keep the price close to that which reflects the true market price. TWAP orders are a strategy of executing trades evenly over a specified time period. Volume-weighted average price (VWAP) balances execution with volume. Often, a VWAP trade will buy or sell 40% of a trade in the first half of the day and then the other 60% in the second half of the day. A TWAP trade would most likely execute an even 50/50 volume in the first and second half of the day." (source:
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LucasLima PhiChris
@PhiChris, Thanks! I am starting to believe this is really Gox related, coins released at certain time zone and dumping happens. I would love to know how many coins are still waiting to be dumped.
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