BTCUSD: Trend signals' breakdown

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Reuploading, hopefully audio works well this time.


Ivan Labrie.
Komen: Audio was fine when uploading...not the microphone at least.
Komen: Impossible...I will go back to writing, audio and video get out of sync and it mutes the audio when it happens.
Komen: You can at least extract some value from the audible parts.
hey Ivan just watched this again - the drop is from 20K to 442 in this video...? good calls Master :p
IvanLabrie Miaonfire
@Miaonfire, 442 is only shown cause it's the previous mode. It doesn't HAVE to go there. It's just the basic implications from a trend signal time ending. It either returns to the mode or it grinds until it forms a new mode higher, somewhere. Normally it will be a logical spot and old support levels from the previous trend can guide you in finding the bottom if it falls, but mainly you'll need time to gain clarity.
Please share more of your views on BTCUSD, really love them..!
Please post youtube link when possible. Really interested in learning how to apply time at mode analysis.
Thanks Ivan for your great content.I'm not a trader but a long term holder and a novice. But I've learnt a lot from you.
Thanks a lot for the content you share here, as other have said would love to see these videos on youtube or vimeo.
I really liked what I was able to hear, very interested in the Tim West method now :)
try uploading it on vimeo or youtube will be mich better . thanks
Audio still not working, just in the first minute
Thanks for doing the audio commentary. I didn’t know this was a feature on TV. Very much appreciated.
I liked what I could hear!!!! Great video! Give it a shot again maybe its your internet.
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