Here Is The Reason Why BITCOIN Now Is In BIG Trouble! :(

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Hello Dear Friends!

Up, down - A spike... And then another spike! Yesterday we saw how people were getting their hopes back - we had something that could have turned into a real reversal, Elliott Waves were taking form, BUT then... A BIG price drop once again, which made an immediately Elliott Wave failure! News about Goldman Sach's telling we might go under 6,000 USD, other rumors about Mt. Gox might be selling thousands of dollars again in the near future, has ONCE again created a lot fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in the market.

Let's take closer look at the 4h BTCUSD Chart, and see, why we are in such in big troubles at the moment. As you can see, a bear has now taking form, which predicts we will go lower if the bulls don't manage to price higher quickly. We have found support on the downtrend support line, but we are indeed on thin ice.

A bearish MACD-Cross is about to happen, the RSI is not showing any signs to make higher highs. FUD is in the air, and it's very unlikely that we have a lot of bulls out there who truly believe we will go into a reversal soon.

D4 thinks it's most likely it just will be a matter of time before we will fall trough and back in the downtrend channel due to the bear flag . To make things even worse, we will hereafter face a big HS pattern which probably will take us even lower.

At this moment everything is pointing in the direction that we have to go down do at least 7,200-6,900 (which is equal to a Fibonacci Retracement on 78,6 %) and test this zone of support.

Lastly but not least, D4 wants so say, that people don't have to worry if this is the end of Bitcoin or crypto. We will go up again. Due to the crazy parabolic run we had in December and all the FUD lately, we just need a correction before we will have a reversal.

D4 loves you <3

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Komen: As you can see, we have been going sideways for a while. The bulls have so far managed to hold up, but it will most likely just be a matter of time, before we will go even lower.

If you pay attention to the last 3 candles, 2 of them have been indecisive and last one, which is bullish, have only half the volume of MA20.

Usually in these situations the bulls will be exhausted, and another flag pole will take us even lower.

But the bulls have to act very soon. To their advantage they have rejected a bear cross not long time a go.

It will be exciting to follow :)

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Komen: D4 has mentioned many times, that it's very important to see a quick uptrend for the bulls in these flag patterns.

I have tried to illustrate on the right side of the flag, what usually happens, if we go sideways or just a bit up and make higher highs, but also higher lows even quicker. As you can see it will turn into an ascending wedge, which is a bearish pattern, why we will also here will fall through.

Komen: If the bulls manage to get out from the smaller bear flag, we will still be in a bigger bear flag. And it will be hard to make 3 higher highs. We first have to conquer EMA50 and EMA100.

Komen: Bitcoin is still struggling like crazy! As you can see, we care caught in a smaller bear flag inside the bigger bear flag. And as I mentioned before an ascending wedge is starting to take form.

D4 will follow up on this later. And guys, remember - it's Wednesday to day! It will be EPIC <3

Komen: The bears are trying to break out from the flag at the moment! D4rkEnergY will very soon make a new chart, where he will go into more details.

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Komen: Bitcoin is still struggling! We don't have any bullish signs what so ever. We will now go down and test around 61,8 % retracement soon. I really doubt that is enough though.

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Komen: The Update is here: BITCOIN Hanging Over The Edge - There's a Long Way Down!


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Now it's working a big flag! We can be hitting $9k in a few hrs.
BTC is forming a reverse head & shoulder at $7671 low? Reverse coming.... It's the ABC wave?
Negative FUD. This guy has no clue what he is talking about.
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Use the Martingale Strat to trade this -

My Double top BTC call -
What’s a good site to do shorts? And maybe some education on shorts? Lol
Dude_von_Oben Lancerphoto
@Lancerphoto, Trading212.com is a great CFD trader, e.g. unlimited-time demo account, many instruments, low spread, additionally a few zero-spread forex, 6 cryptos, 5 of which also in a 0.1x variant.
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Dude_von_Oben Dude_von_Oben
@Dude_von_Oben, LOL I just bought 1 LiteCoin0.1 even though my live account only had €2.55 left. Honestly, so far I only LOST money, but apart from that, I feel I can recommend them and plan to eventually do another run once I had a few months more demo account training.
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