BTC correction possibility

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To me it seems that the correction might not be over yet, as we haven't broken out of the corrective trend.
We have found strong support around 10k and 11k, this could be our bottom.
Personally, I am waiting to see a double bottom or breakout before buying in.
This is my personal plan, trade safe! This is no advice, just my opinion
yes thanks again my personal opinion only but you'll be skirting 10k but not much lower this week, fork(s) still possible. So that should see change...
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@qdoc, The red arrows are rather a worst case senario. I don't think that the forks still have that much effect on btc as they used to, since there is one every week and not a lot of exchanges support them. My plan is just to wait until the situation is more stable since there isn't enough information to see if this correction is over. Good luck!
qdoc PRO TA_Crypto
@TA_Crypto, yeah thanks man. Well bcu and bt2 tokens still on bitfinex. And I know its only segwit2x by name to some people. But btc has a real problem with transactions. Something's gotta give imho. If it's not a successful hard fork to improve the network then the cashening comes into play. I think sooner rather than later a btc hard fork to increase the block size has to be done unless bch is to take over which I can't personally see...
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@qdoc, i agree something has to change or we might see a 'death by fees' if nothing changes. somewhere I hope eth or even ltc will take the lead, but only time can tell
qdoc PRO TA_Crypto
@TA_Crypto, I think both eth and ltc have a good future. Ltc as a transactional coin ('digital silver'). Btc will survive but mainly as a store of wealth and the foundation of the cryptoverse I guess. Ether has the biggest future of all I believe but I don't think it's destined to be the premiere transactional entity. It may achieve #1 market cap within a year or two though sure. Bch is currently seizing some hashpower. I guess if it get back towards 0.5 btc then the mining may flip. But I still personally do not compute or forsee a cashening scenario. Bch may shake the foundations of the cryptoverse but I don't think that it will be a longterm major player...
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@qdoc, I agree and I too don't see bch taking the first place, also a cashening would have a very negative impact on the altcoins.
qdoc PRO TA_Crypto
@TA_Crypto, ;-)
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