Bitcoin long term adoption exponential trends

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long term analysis based on historic support levels.
Mikenz, do you expect any significant correction in the coming weeks?
mikenz Ralebr
@Ralebr, personally I 80% operate only on long term analysis that I publish here. The mid term developments are hard to predict and short term prediction is 50/50 so plainly its just guessing. You can see we entered a temporary correction right now after the shootup to 5800. I personally would expect the bottom at low 5000s / maybe high 40000s maybe and up from there, but buying and selling everything on this assumption thats not how I recommend to trade. I trade generally bullish on long term as long as basic support levels are intact, and if it corrects I just wait it out. Even if its hundreds of Dollars that doesnt matter, its about Price Percentage and the support levels. If the current price reaches "low" levels based on support levels and curves there then I may additionally enter a leveraged long position. With those leveraged positions I am a bit more careful and close when price moved significantly higher and shows signs of drawback. The basic stack stays in BTC. That being said, with the upcoming fork in late November I think we can suspect a temporary dip in november before the fork, since its creates uncertainty in the market. I would wait that out and buy in directly before the fork to gain coins on both block chains.
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Ralebr mikenz
@mikenz, thank you very much for yours insights. I started to operate in the short term, and I got sick. Now, I am beginning to understand the movement of prices in a more mature way, and trying to adapt in the long run. For this, I have realized that we must make an effort to dominate our impulses and to have patience, but the results are really more solid. I really enjoyed your approach, so I keep following you!!
So far so good...
yay! I can buy several lambos in 2019!!
Unfortunately this log thingy seems overly optimistic to me, but can always hope... :(

You really believe we will be on the million by 2019?
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Simple and beautiful. Is there a reason why green line is longer than blue one?
jose_quavo villar.martin
@villar.martin, green is a superior color therefore longer in the grand scheme of things
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