Bitcoin drop comming? Potential Head-Shoulder.

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I don't short it. It's to risky. But this is my current view on the bitcoin .

I personally sold all my positions on alt-coins and bitcoin , to wait to see what bitcoin gonna do and try to buy back lower. Last few days we seen crazy pumps in almost all the coins. We could see a little retracement that's normal.
Komen: The thing I also wanna say. I sell my positions as a day-trader. If you're a long term investor don't worry. You could hold ur positions.
Komen: There two problems right now for the bitcoin.

The heavy DDOS attacks on bitfinex and other exchanges:

And we also have regulations for the bitcoin in South Korea.
Komen: We dropped below the neckline of the head-shoulder. It's valid now.
Komen: The idea explained.

Komen: We're at re-testing of the neckline as I showed in the picture above.

Komen: Relax guys we just tested the neckline of the big head shoulder.

We have two singals we will go down again another little head- and shoulder and a rising wedge in a falling market as shown below.
Komen: We did get a little breakout. I think it was a big bull-trap. For me personally I only will jump in the crypto when btc is above 17100 or when we had a good retrecement of btc to atleast 15.000 usd.

Unfortunately tomorrow I will only post in the evening because I have a meeting.
head and should theory is pure garbage people should take it serious
In a head and shoulder formation, the second low between the head and the right shoulder should be lower than the first low after the left shoulder. In here, there ist no SHS is developing.
Thanks man! Learned so much from you.
+1 Balas
This is awesome. I love seeing your perspective and TA. Keep it up man!
Thanks for your TA bro
why not get in not get in 16411 and wait until 17000? BTC is a long term investment. If you don't believe that and if the volatility of a few thousand bucks bothers you - then you shouldn't be messing with crypto. This is why financial advisors who are securities licensed and have years of "investing" laugh at people who obsess over TA like this and blindly attempt to time the markets and there PNL would be much more profitable if they just buy and hold.
@pisces38, but you can make so much from the volatility breh!
pisces38 Conner-swagger35
@Conner-swagger35, you can also lose so much from the volatility too
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