$BTC is bullish again.

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
TD indicator 4h giving a 9 and the 1h on a 9 as well. 2 reversal signals. And we already hit the target box of this up wave as well so another reversal signal. A perfect retrace would be to the .5 fib which would coincide with the 50 ema as well on the 4h chart, that would be around $14150. You can also see how after breakout out from the blue resistance line we had a good strong rally going up. After that our next stop should be around 17k. The orange line at $17171 is on of the previous ATH marks
Komen: i just noticed the spike to 15,5k on finex didnt happen op stamp and bitmex, the spike was caused by a single buy it looks like. so i would actually prefer to draw the fib trace from the top where you see the TD 8. that would put the .5 fib retrace a tiny bit lower at about $14100. Small difference but worth mentioning.
Komen: $BTC WOW i wish my TA was always this spot on! Hit the .5 retrace at the blue line perfectly. ABC target pierced but bounced right back. 50 ema on 4h also nice support as expected. Just a good bounce now will set us up for leg 5.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: $BTC what can i say, perfect hit of the target. TD wise: 1h TD 9, 4h on an 8 and 30 min on a 9 as well. Love it how my TA and the TD indicator agree on this target. Closed my long that was open from $14300 and will wait till the coming correction is over to probably go long again.
Great call!!
Been following you few weeks now ... good insight - suprised so few followers...
Keep sharing, and the appreciation will grow!!
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