You have been Mt.Goxed !!!

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
I noticed a perfect trend line matching with bitstamp and mt gox prices

the upper line i think is holding well
the middle line is perfect

the lower line i'm not sure off but time will tell

last dip could be 5000

what do you think
The red uptrend line last dip is around 7000
so to sum up either 5000-7000 range
Komen: Time will tell
50 Likes to get updated if idea is validated
Komen: G20 to discuss crypto on 19-20 march
just BTFD
Death cross about to happen between VWMA 50 and EMA 200
Buying Volume could increase soon for short term
Longer term could be bearish
Next halving in middle of 2020 so good buy opportunity could be in Jan 2019
Komen: What to expect from a death cross
in 2014 a movemnet to downside followed by uprising to touch the ma 200 to validate the crossing

Day by day follow up here
If you've been around for at least 8 months, you'd laugh at how people who when you'd say BTC is peaked at $20k, they'd say bearish? No way. LOL. Now the same people, when you present a bullish scenario, they say LONG? No way. This is a joke, right? Lol. Prices change, markets change, human psychology remains constant.
+1 Balas
fayyad fakhan
@fakhan, totally agree
that's human psychology they fear they greed then they lose
Long? lol This is a joke right?
ZtCedric samiswilf
@samiswilf, well there is nothing wrong with Bitcoin, it's just Mt. Gox selling on open market supressing prices and sentiments.
samiswilf ZtCedric
@ZtCedric, yeah yeah believer whatever news feeds you.
fakhan samiswilf
@samiswilf, Yeah whatever scares you, kid.
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