Bitcoin Larger Time Frame Count (in red) current $4155 16Aug2017

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Just to clarify, the previous Wave count (blue) I showed yesterday is within a larger Wave count (in Red)

So what we see is a wave count within a larger wave count - both are in Wave 3 (blue is a child wave count, and red is a parent wave count).

Again, I must clarify 2 things:

1. The Wave 3, 4 and 5 are not my price forecasts so don't take these price points literally, it's just a Road Map
2. Wave 3 has NOT BEEN CONFIRMED yet so therefore we must assume it has not ended until the Market declares to us otherwise

In other words, there is nothing to stop Wave 3 going higher now.

Think of it like this... a minute count is within an hour count; an hour count is within a day count; a day count is within a week count's all Waves within Waves

I hope that clarifies things

Sean Vengan
Professional Cryptocurrency Trader and Trading Educator

Komen: Hi folks,

I just want to clarify, as a few people have asked if these are my price targets.

These are NOT PRICE PROJECTIONS (im putting these in capitals so you all know these aren't targets).

As I wrote in my analysis it's just a ROAD MAP. in terms of broad direction of the market
Hi Sean,

thank you to sharing this information I am finding it valuable. I found one point to be cleared, maybe I am not thinking right. Concerning the waves: even if the blue (3) is in development would the end of red (3) be at the end of blue (5)?

All the rules you talked about is a must. Especially keeping them which is difficult for me because it is a psycho thing. Could you recommend where to look to find answers why people (including me) sabotage their own rules and how to overcome on them? Thank you.
@fractal72, HI Fractal72 that a good point you bring up as actually I should redraw this as it's misleading. The end of Red Wave 3 will actually be Blue Wave 5.

The above diagram I drew to illustrate that we are in a wave 3 on both timescales.
fractal72 SEAN_VENGAN
@SEAN_VENGAN, Hi Sean, thank you your clarification.
@fractal72, Yes fractal72 you are absolutely correct. I misdrew the red as I added it later. I mentioned this in a previous comment.

Indeed self-sabotage is what screws up most traders - I teach how to deal with all of this (refer my profile link as I am not permitted to post links)
fractal72 fractal72
@fractal72, Hi Sean, regarding my second part of my previous comment I got a lot of answers from your youtube video lessons 12.

Thank you all the effort put into the productions of these materials. Waiting for the launch of your website, already registered.
@fractal72, Thank you for your appreciation and support apologies for the delay
Hi Sean,

Thanks for your awesome contributions.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the very recent price jump and how this affects your analysis. BTC/USD is now 4340. Continuation of wave 3?
@Quaren, Thank you for your kind comment.

Exactly, my friend as I'm trying to shout out to everyone - we haven't had a confirmed Wave 3 yet this can keep going.

I think some traders are thinking i'm saying wave 3 has ended - well im not, there nothing to say it has ended - we are still in Wave 3.

So yes, a continuation of Wave 3, which I'm actually expecting...
Hi Sean , super beginner here so try not to laugh at my observations . If I look at the 7 days chart of bitcoin I believe it is what is called a head and shoulders . Is it a valid patern if it stretches on such a long period of time ? Also , I'm watching bitcoin because i have a position opened on Iota , which in the past month has reflected bitcoins every movement . I'm desperately waiting for a bitcoin pullback because that's what I need on Iota to make profit on my positions . Hoping that iota will pull back as soon as bitcoin does
@MarRob, Hi MarRob, I sincerely mean it when I say I will never laugh or put down any newbie question - we all start as beginners at something sometime. So no question is stupid.

Absolutely, the bigger the time frame the more significant the pattern is (eg Head &Shoulders) - but i don't see a H&S on a weekly chart - let me know if i'm missing anything.

I haven't taken the time to study any correlation between IOTA and Bitcoin so you know more than me, so I cannot advise you on this.

If you say they are closely linked then yes I am waiting for a pullback to go back in Long BUT we still don't know if its ready for a pullback it could well want to go further higher so premature to talk of a pullback yet...

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