Could this be happening?!?!!

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
I am suspicious that we could now be forming the right shoulder.
Short term target $17000.
I will then sell and wait, watching closely.
The bloodbath would be devastating. Then followed by a massive rally like we have not seen yet.
From $6000 to $50,000 in one year!!!
Komen: Didn't look like it had the strength to go to 17k so I sold at 15.5k.
We will now be testing that neckline over the next couple of days which also happens to be our 50% Fib retrace.
I have been expecting an 80%+ correction soon.
This could be it if that neckline breaks before mid-Jan.
Komen: Crossed back over and above our uptrend line. Could hit 17k before the new year after all! I'm a short term bull above this line and so, I've bought back in at $13700 with a short term target of 17k. Stops are at the neckline.
Komen: I may get stopped out tonight at 12.4k or I may wake up tomorrow to find we're at 17k. It'll be a Christmas surprise. Will I get coal in my stocking or more Bitcoin? We'll find out tomorrow! Merry Christmas.
Komen: Well, I didn't get stopped out. On the other hand, we've not reached 17k (more precisely 16.6k) yet either. Still have my eyes on that short term target. However, nerves are getting shaky. Once we hit that, the selling will be quick. Brace yourselves!

Short term target still 16.6k if hits that soon before the new year. Then sell.

Jan 10th re-buy target 8k.