Bubble is over, or the revolution just begun ?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
Investors are nervous I think by the reason, now deppend on blue resistance .In case a breakthrough above i think it's a good buy opportunity. Here is my view on BTCUSD how it could turn around.
What is really screwing people out of their money in these phase shifts in the market who make lots of it in range bound markets ... is their thinking and perceptions.

Old ways of looking at and responding to things stop working. When a market shifts into trend -- and then near vertical trend -- it's something that's perceived as a threat or an anomaly to what it "has to" do and "has to" be constrained by.

We are in unique market phase that could carry measured moves that defy and or extend a bit past preconceived notions of limitations and "has to"

Lateral thinking ends up rescuing and enhancing logical thinking.
Fucking sidways market,, not tradable on this timeframe
+1 Balas
you dont need to wait. bip91 is activated. so everyone mined coins which does not signal segwit will will be rejected. this means that segwit will be activated at the ende of this lockin period. also if you look at the 15 min chart you the a cup and handle formtion ;)
Tradewonk HansWurst31
BIP 91 will probably be enforced by hardly any economically relevant nodes; that is, nodes operated by users that accept bitcoins as payment. Almost no Bitcoin users on the network recognize BIP 91 or its bit 4 signaling at all, and will therefore continue to accept blocks with or without bit 1. Actual SegWit activation should start next week, if miners stick to their stated intent.
+1 Balas
@Tradewonk, There are 4 possibilities (% occurrence in parenthesis) by the end of the week, in my humble opinion.

1. Bitcoin Cash dump, which leads BTC to $3,000+ and Bitcoin Cash to $50 or less (or even possible death). (30%)

3. Equilibrium of 80/20 BTC/Bitcoin Cash split, say $2200/$300. (30%)

2. BTC dump, which leads Bitcoin Cash to $900+ and BTC to $1,600. (20%)

4. Both BTC and Bitcoin Cash go down to $1,800/$200. (20%)

I do not see them both going up in price by the end of the week. And the next several months will see further changes to BTC that will affect its volatility, ditto with Bitcoin Cash.
It's gonna be fun watching up until 1-August, that's for sure. I'm personally watching and waiting until then.
@CKCE, I think as well in august it either will breakthrough support or resistance.
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