if ya smell, what Elliott wave 3 is cooking!

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Good afternoon traders,

It's been a while. I apologize but I've been busy in real life, closed on my first house!

Today I want to bring you the current count I see unfolding.

Key notes:

1) If 6k was the bottom, then the 11,788 peak was our wave 1 motive
2) Wave 2 corrective is either finished, or still on going, if we bounce at the zones I've highlighted, and surpass the confirmation entry, wave 2 should be confirmed.
3) Wave 3 minor motive should have us up towards the targets listed as "3" over the coming days / weeks, if we confirm the bounce here.
4) We should expect to see a bounce towards the $10200 area upon a bounce upon my highlighted green box area, and a break of the confirmation line.

5) If we break lower than the areas listed in the green box, than this is invalidated.

As always, if you find my content useful, please support me by hitting the like and follow button, and as always, if this receives 30 likes, I will continue to update it as this unfolds.
Komen: Streaming live for couple hours @
Dagangan aktif: 50% buy in, rest will be upon confirmation line break, or wave failure @ 8496
Komen: This looks to be INVALIDATED, will update soon
Komen: This was invalidated by a wick, however, if we manage to re-break 8778 I could be missing the 30 dollars somewhere in the waves, observe closely
Komen: No bueno!

Not looking too good folks. Would anticipate a further decline towards 8058, I'm at the point where I'm assuming this has been invalidated and the expanding flat is still continuing downwards before wave 3 commencement.

Komen: Wait for the daily, simple as that. If we can close above the daily resistance @ the 9600 zone, then that would be a bullish confirmation and I'd expect the up to continue to at least $10,200.

It's important to note, I got spooked yesterday and exited at no loss, we almost certainly had a short squeeze and I feel like further decline is due, but, the market will decide.

The daily candle shall be our guide and I'll trade off it accordingly.

Best of luck and trade safe!
What drugs are you prescribed? I want some
ant187 TheCryptAlpha
@TheCryptAlpha, only the best!

But in all seriousness it looks like we're missing a drop somewhere, and we definitely had a short squeeze earlier today to get us up to these levels, I'm on the sidelines (even though the scenario is playing out), I don't like it.
+1 Balas
welcome back...
ant187 streamDr
@streamDr, Thank you kindly sir, hope your doing well!
streamDr ant187
@ant187, All the better for your return. I hope you and Mrs Ant187 quickly feel at home in "Crypto Mansions" ;-)

Good luck, fella.

(...Let's try and make some money)
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