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Hello everyone! If you read this post, it means that probably you are interesting in making money in the crypto markets. You want to trade cryptocurriences and multiply your investments. But do you really think that it's easy? The cryptomarkets open for everyone great opportunities, but you must have some skill for conversion these opportunities into real money. If you think that everyone can make stable profit just buying coins and holding them for long term, I should tell you that you are wrong. You can face with troubles which can beat you and your deposit. And what should you do for avoiding such cases? The answer is very simple - you must know how to trade and manage your money properly. You must have knowledge, trading strategies and an accurate trading plan for making money in long term. You must have discipline for following your trading plan day by day. Only in such way you can expect safe and profitable trading. But I see a great number of novice traders who know nothing about proper trading. They make all possible mistakes. Buying on tops and selling on bottoms it can give you some fun and a lot of emotions. But if you want to make money you must trade in other way. I advice all novice traders think about their trading. Ask yourself, are you ready for real trading? Do you have everything for proper trading or not? Do you have understanding how the markets move? Do you know when you have to buy and when to sell? Do you know how to manage your money properly? If you don't have answers for these questions, you should stop your trading on real money. You have to start learning the theory and start working under your trading plan. You must note that without these components of successful trading you can't make stable money in long term. I advice you to start trading in the crypto markets in right way from the very beginning. While you learning and searching for suitable strategies, you can use trading bots or trading signals as a variant of trading. It will allow you trade in the crypto markets safely and gain experience. I wish you good luck! Good word by Dmitriy Lavrov
Komen: I'm not Dmitry Lavrov. I like his words. I respect him and quote his words by signature:)
Komen: Now we touch yellow level of fibonacci
"The same situation with cryptocurrencies, but this is only the beginning" Mr.EXCAVO
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Hi Excavo and my TradingView colleagues... came across this interesting post: "Ethereum founder warns cryptocurrencies 'could drop to near zero at any time' - Business Insider Australia


What are your thoughts on this? Sounds very irresponsible coming from someone like Vitalik IMO.

I really look forward to your thoughts on this.

Thank you!!!
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it look history repeated ?
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Excellent post to look back on. I respect you very much from an intellectual standpoint and just in general can tell you are a good dude!
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Should I buy?
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@gtomi001, Yes.
I think your predictions and leads are good, however I think regarding BTC sometimes you rush to make predictions that come out to be wrong... few hours ago you made a prediction that the market will head to support zone now.... few hours later you are rushing again to predict something in the opposite direction. Just a constructive advice ... do not rush bro.

Keep it up,

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EXCAVO tradecrypto132
@tradecrypto132, thank you
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Long? What targets are you looking at? Been learning some good stuff from your charts thanks!
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$7,000 USDBTC by the end of the year.
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Still actual AF
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