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The completion of the 5 impulsive waves should develop a simple corrective structure ( ABC ).
STRATEGY: take short position on Wave B

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I think the 5 wave pattern is pretty clearly at the top of the 5th wave right now. It doesn't matter if you measure the first wave from Dec 2016 or July 2016. Ignoring the August rally and starting in September is the only way to arrive at the popular belief we are in Wave 4 correction now. I believe market confusion about segwit2x will come into play in late October and we will start to ride down the corrective wave. If all goes well Nov 18-20, we will start the ride back up.
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Thanks you...
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Do you use a lot of fibonacci in your analysis SignalSwiss?
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@nvusneb, we use it, but we don't trade it...
I disagree with this, I'm quite sure we haven't reached point 5.
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DaanJordens DaanJordens
@DaanJordens, thanks for sharing tho :)
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Fahadafzal DaanJordens
@DaanJordens, can you please share your chart thn?
DaanJordens Fahadafzal
@Fahadafzal, I agree with this one.
It's personal obviously.
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ttovmasy DaanJordens
@DaanJordens, I agree with this one too! I think it's a bit concerning if people have different views of this since Oct 25 is such a mystery, it would be nice to see additional indicators that could shed light on the next two weeks.

Basically if SignalSwiss is correct we will not see another ATH until next year.... this is a big deal!
@ttovmasy, True, we're all feeling in the dark
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