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If my thesis is correct you will enjoy an unparalleled crypto bull market next year
Crypto chatter is full of pump and dump and scam talk
Well there will be more of that
Bitcoin is the foundation of the cryptoverse but with all of the forkage I wouldn't bet the farm on bitcoin
I have made another cryptic crypto post for 2018
But here are a few predictions/ plans:
1. 2018 won't be the year of BCH
2. BTGUSD will do well
3. BTC will rise like a phoenix and continue her upward march 50k probable
4. Alts will see pumpage and dumpage like you've never seen before
5. Coins will come and go
6. If you want to play alts you will need to diversify and try to catch those waves in this wild west (intentionally mixed metaphors)
7. Ethereum will be the true winner
The petrodollar is on its way out
I can't think of a better hedge than ethereum
I might also speculate a little on my old favourite ETC
But to me this longterm chart and my FA shows one clear winner and it is ETH THE WORLD'S COMPUTER

Komen: To make it clear. If my thesis is correct. We need a market cap of closer to a quadrillion than a billion. So u do the math. There is money to be made ;-) Whether you want short term multiples (alts) or longerterm (possibly parabolic) growth; crypto is probably the place to be in 2018. I do have an alternative thesis but this is only 1% atm. Basically if we don't hit several trillion market cap soon, or if there is a bitcoin cashening or if bitcoin implodes then all bets are off and I personally will stay out of crypto. A good yardstick would be if bitcoin hits 25k in jan which I think it will...
Komen: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/dRNLCR...
thanks to my friend vas for this chart see below
when @vas8star and @daocan start doing charts reguarly I can retire ;-)
Komen: in terms of pump coins with longerterm potential, after a likely market correction and cashflow allowing would like some qtum, etp and one of my bros here has given me a lead on factom which i need to follow up, This is in addition to my fav btg. And i do like bitshares and am still looking for the bitcoin phoenix which might be ubtc if not a potenital segwit 2x consensus protocol coin ;-)
Komen: but
did i say that already
Komen: Happy New Year And God Bless People
Dagangan aktif: ETH
Nice bro. I concur with about 50% of what you're saying. BTC will still hold the crown, but the Prince is ready & waiting. Next year will be the year of the Alts. It should've started already, but the fiat banks are trying their hardest to keep it all under wraps.
qdoc vas8star
@vas8star, thanks man but I think we see crypto very differently. Yes year of the alts sure that fits with my thesis. 'the fiat banks are trying their hardest to keep it all under wraps' What d'ya think @daocan?!?
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@qdoc, trying to wrap my head around it but no obvious conclusions yet. It is 4d-chess after all, and you want to be better positioned than the pawns/herd.
BTC is the mothership and also paited to the alts, so that makes it the FED/Petrodollar of crypto. Thus it will grow but probably not outrun the market/alts (the real ones with history/roots in mythology/symbology, not tittycoin or SuperLiteBit Platinum etc)
But.. ordo ab chao and all, they will try their best to shake of potential winners, I think this is why we are seeing all these forks. Creates alot of confusion.
My bets would be on a fork that truly promotes soverignty or the other way around - one that can exploit the users the most ;)

ETH will probably be a big if not the winner too. It's after all the fifth element in which light/thoughts is said to travel through (what better "coin" to use for the worlds computer?? also disproves Einstein for the Nth time, I might add ;)) I find it unlikley that Vitalik out of nowhere just happened to come up with the name and allowed to have the continued success, for it not to be a pre-planned invention. Pre-planned just as the radio/tv/internet/smartphone was disguised as something good, while in reality it's all distraction and social engineering, breeding obidient consumers/workers. I do not consent tho;)
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qdoc daocan
@daocan, ;-)
vas8star daocan
@daocan, Respect.
qdoc vas8star
@vas8star, he's a superstar, or should be. But truth don't sell in this fallen world... John 3:16
@qdoc, FYI. By Price, I met ETH.
qdoc vas8star
@vas8star, yes i know that man. Price ;-) Not prince of the air hopefully ;-)
Ephesians 2:1-2 KJV
ps well actually, now u've said it,... ;-)
think he's on to something
Ether Prince Of The Air
Btc Lightening network
sounds about right
Luke 10:18
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