Jan 2018: Cyptoverse 1 Trill; Bitcoin Forkage; Phoenix Rises

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Trust me the powers that be love forks
But this one might be different
Looks to me like there has been a bitcoin chain split
There are at least a couple of factions who may have orchestrated this
Bitcoin needs a reboot
Could it be bcash, bcash plus, bitcoin gold , bitcoin unlimited?!?
Could it be ether?
Could it be ripple?
Could it be ltc?
Or an outsider
My own thoughts is that this chain split will turn out to be very significant
Ether is the future but not as a transactional entity per se
I think a bitcoin has to rise like the phoenix in 2018
And the market cap is gonna be 1 trill soon imho
Ripple and Bcash and Iota And Ada And Ltc
Are basically just pumps
Let's see
Komen: i'm guessing a chain split block will be mined at one minute to midnight!!!
Just to add drama
1. Put my faith in ether and aim for 100 ETH x 10k ;-)
2. Use this as the basis to launch attacks on likely mooning alts, and bring profits back to ether
3. Watch the bitcoin battle from the sidelines but try to catch the phoenix, bets atm are ubtc, btc2 and of course btg.
4. If btc ticker hits 25k i guess its safe but see no 1...
Komen: after a bad experience with phoenix hunting (bt2- thanks bitfinex ;-) i'm going to watch the bitcoin battle from the sidelines and invest in the only crypto I can see coming to dominate the market...
Dagangan aktif: ETH
If all these coins are just pumps I'm gonna be ruined :)
I think the 2x guys are just in it to make money through a pre-mine scheme? That's what I heard and it makes sense how they allocated all that coin for themselves.
I don't think Roger Ver is shamming for anyone. He genuinely does not like the people at Blockstream/Core and I'm pretty sure he got radicalised politically during his trial/imprisonment. I think he also knows what's going on in the mining/trading world with BTC/BCH etc, so I don't think BCH is just a pump, nor XRP but that's another story.
qdoc BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, i'm a contrarian but i do have some company here like @daocan and @vas8star I think we would all three say Roger Ver is an actor just like Charlie Lee or any 'Satoshi.' If you'd like a star wars analogy if RV is Luke Skywalker then Satoshi is Jar Jar Binks ;-) But yeah i think the XRP pump is an aperitif...
@qdoc, XRP for the banks by the banks IMO. I'm in it to make massive profits because I know what they're doing and therefore massive profits are to be made because I'm doing the same thing. We are in a time where we unfortunately have to dance with Devil. FUD and diversions are everywhere, especially with XRP - they're saying "hey look, over here fireworks" and with the other hand they take what really will have worth. Follow the numbers and patterns - I truly believe fundamental TA tells a story.
qdoc vas8star
@vas8star, "hey look, over here fireworks" exactly but according to my thesis xrp no different from rest and all part of show and could even be sacrificed one day ;-) I'm staying away. Ether ether ether. Like we've said. And maybe the new btc when it rises. I have my suspicions...
qdoc BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, oh yeah and 2x that's recently shown up looks very odd i mean it kinda has nothing to do with 2x. But there's another one which says it is adhering to consensus protocol. Have no idea who has done the chain split
qdoc qdoc
vas8star BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. 98% of the coins created will not be around in 5 years. I'm all for diversification of your PF, but follow the trends and powerful entities. They only need to occupy 90% of one or two monsters & the game toward the end begins.
qdoc vas8star
@vas8star "98% of the coins created will not be around in 5 years." Yup. But next year if my thesis is correct almost everything will get pumped. Market cap to da hyperdimensional luminary. Then roll it all up into one or two coins within a year or few ;-)
@vas8star, I agree that most coins will disappear or become irrelevant. I don't really buy into the axis of evil coming to dominate crypto though. The point is that even if one or two coins emerge to rule all and then there is some kind of cryptocurrency night of the long knives, new coins can still be created easily, at any time, and with enough ingenuity it is possible to build a community around them. This is exactly what Ver did and Lee and Vitalik. It's what is happening with some alts now. Sure there is organised pumping going on, but bitcoin's dominance is at its lowest ever. Even if the bitcoin devs are just interested in programming and not world domination, it still shows how power can be distributed through a diversified ecosystem.
qdoc BarclayJames
'I don't really buy into the axis of evil coming to dominate crypto though.'
you'll see bro, but they already here!!!
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