25th of december 2017 Bitcoin TA

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Should have published this yestursay but since this is my very first TA of a cryptocurrency market, I thought it would be wrong. I predicted the outcome perfectly so I'm publishing this now.

I will try to publish my short/medium term predictions every evening from now on, we will see how right they are.

In this prediction, I have a medium term wedge and a short term wedge , I was waiting for the short term wedge to break bearish just like it did. But I wanted the break to stay withing my medium term wedge and I was expecting that wedge to break bullishly. Judging by the previous support and resistance levels, I set up my first and second sell levels (50% and 100%). My buy zone is the lower part of my medium term wedge . My last call to get onboard line was guesstimated but it couldn't have been more perfect. Overall, a very good prediction, I hope I will be able to keep on going along those tracks for my future predictions.

This graph was edited on the 25th of december 2017 at around 22:30.
What about the HF? Why would you sell before? I have the feeling that most BTC holders will wait till after the HF, in the assumption that they are planning to sell anytime soon.
delinlo TimDeleeuw
@TimDeleeuw, What do you mean with "the HF"? I'm still pretty new to the scene and this strategy was a short term swing so I wasn't looking into the future.
TimDeleeuw delinlo
@delinlo, BC2 Hard Fork on 28/12. Doubting that BTC will go down before that. Free BC2 coins for BTC holders.
delinlo TimDeleeuw
@TimDeleeuw, Yup, you are most likely right. The Hard Fork could result in a chain split though so we have to be careful. But if everything goes to plans, free B2X and also a proportion of Satoshi Nakamoto's BTCs will be given to BTC holders. But I don't guarantee the market will stay high until then although it very much could.

This prediction though, is listed in "education" and not "financial advice" so I'm not worrying to much about cryptocurrency background.
Thanks. Just to understand. What is the price youll by BTC?
delinlo AlxSt7
@AlxSt7, Hi! Here I was planning to buy on the lower half of the medium term wedge just after the short term break. So that would have been 13650-14000, to be sure I would have placed a buy order at 13800. Following my short term swing strategy that would have yielded me a 5,53% profit on the first sell (of the first 50%) and a 11,39% profit on the rest of the position. So average gain would be 8,46% profit.
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