BTC Double Top Reversal Confirmed!

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Well folks it looks like the double top is now confirmed. We have broken the neckline and we are now far greater than 3% under the neckline price.
I have re-calculated my price target using the price difference between the top of both peaks and the support neckline, then subtracting that price value from the neckline value. However, I am giving a price range to provide a buffer zone for the price to move before trend reversal or trend continuation takes place.

I want to clarify that this price range is not a signal to go long. This is simply our next support area to watch for a potential trend reversal, and it is also a good target area to close out shorts. Before we can go long here, we need to see strong confirmation of trend reversal.

Thank you all for your support!
Komen: Just wanted to give a quick update on this. The price is hovering below 9k which is good to see so far in terms of following this pattern. Remember that the price must be at least 3% below the 9.3k neckline price which is $9021. As long as the price stays under here, the double top reversal is still valid. There is a possibility for testing the resistance price $9.3k before falling again so do not panic buy unless there's clear indication of trend reversal, and I will update here if that happens.
One thing I want to note is that there is always the chance for a busted double top reversal. One of the rules for a bust is the price dipping down less than 10% from the neckline (no more than 10%). So we need to pay attention to the $8,370 price, if we are able to fall below this price then the formation bust is most likely not going to happen and the double top reversal is still valid.
For now, let's keep a close eye on the price and be prepared for either situation to unfold!
Komen: Important update. Bitcoin is now testing 9.3k neckline which is our main resistance. A break above 9.5k could signal a potential trend reversal. Keep a close eye on the price, this is an important level for BTC
Komen: We are still testing the neckline area. Upon revisiting my analysis I want to be clear that 9.3k is the low end for the neckline, and 9.5k is the high end of neckline.
The reason there is a range is dependent on the timeframe. Let me explain...

On the daily chart, the candle body bottoms out at 9.5k for our neckline.
But on the 4hr and 1hr, the candle body bottoms out around 9.3k.

So like I said in my last update, a break above 9.5k could potentially be signal for a trend reversal and a failure of the double top reversal formation.

For now, I am not worried about the candle wicks breaking above 9.3k. I will only start thinking about buying once we break above 9.5k with confidence.

PM me if you have any questions!
Komen: Here is another updated chart. Please like and share if you agree!

Dagangan ditutup secara manual: Double top formation still occurred as the neckline was broken. However the price clearly came back up to retest and breached it with no signs of heading back down at this point. I am looking at both upper resistance lines as potential points of reversal for our next move, but the initial target price zone is out of reach for now.
looking good
Nice setup
tommyf1001 TradingStatistics
@TradingStatistics, Thank you! =)
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