The market tried to reach 12000.00 level. As we can see now the price bounces from this zone and probably we'll see a short term downward movement. The bearish divergence gives us a trend reversal signal. MACD histogram supports downward movement. We must be ready to buy based on confirmed reversal signals from the support zones. For this, let's spot the possible zones where the market can be stopped and reversed. The 1st support zone is formed by 10000.00 level and SMA50. If the price bounces from this zone and we get a confirmed reversal signal, we'll be able to open long trades with stop orders below the local swing low and profit targets at 12000.00 and 13000.00 levels. The 2nd support zone is formed by 9000.00 level and SMA100. This zone looks more interesting for buying. Stop orders also should be placed below the local swing low and profit targets at 12000.00 and 12500.00 levels. If the market breaks the 2nd support zone , we should be ready to see further downward movement to 8000.00 and 7000.00 levels. It will give us new buy opportunities and these levels will be perfect for new long trades.
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The only thing I can say is: buy cheap at around 13K , ore else you miss the next train.
And it seems the price at the and of 2018 Will be easily 100K.
+2 Balas
@rmetz, $60K+ AT LEAST!
Please say something!
oldskoolz MarkiMark
@MarkiMark, something
One can dream at this point to see under 10k. Any TA is no longer applicable, this is mania. BTC to the moon, 22k in December 2017, 100k in 2018 and 1 million in 2019-2020. :P

Never believed this can happen, so quick... at 2k / day increase that is in reach.
At this moment an RSI from 91 , who want's to get in?
Ik think blind people without knowledge about trading drives the price up.
DU09 rmetz
@rmetz, RSI means nothing in this market. The market has nothing in common with the one of 3 months ago, if you apply the same rules you miss on $$$. It should have corrected several times by now and no one knows where BTC will stop. This bubble may become the biggest one in history.
This time you were wrong. Bitcoin is haven for big traders and terrible for beginners and maybe huge future loss for holder buying at this high prices. I just read this last night


What can happen to the BTC/USD?
Can you go up or can you go down?
Thank you for your review
+1 Balas
I would be very catious with BTC right now.

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