CADJPY: Long term Inverse Head & Shoulders Completed

FX:CADJPY   Dolar Kanada/ Yen Jepun
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The price has successfully broken and stabilized above the neckline of a gigantic inverse head and shoulders pattern. I suggest two targets for the pattern, one conservative and one longer term target. Any pullback should be considered an oppurtunity to long on any shorter term confirmation.

Trade with Care
Very nice
GG already increase profit on my micro account. Oh yeahh..
nice one!
seems a few other XXXJPY pairs are breaking out to topside, including this one, AUDJPY and personally think GBPJPY is looking for a nice juicy long (after a pullback) as well:

cheers, keep it up and much appreciate you honestly sharing your journey!
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De momento la reunión de la FED más tarde afectará la tendencia?
Yeahuuuu... Profit begin... Oh yeahhhh.. Scalping with usd1.55... Yeahhaaaa
I'll be astonished if this occurs, already huge CAD strength baked in, the JPY would have to take a severe dump for 101 which would probably require stock markets racing ridiculously higher. Be lucky to reach 93 IMO especially with that gap down at 88. GL all
marberisking mattytb84
@mattytb84, True, but it looks like indices are about to go through the vertical blow-off phase of this ridiculously long bull market (bull markets never fizzle out, they go crazy vertical) and oil is basing for a big move upwards which would lend to the scenario above so might well occur and we may all be astonished
mattytb84 marberisking
@marberisking, Appreciate your thoughts, though I actually disagree and believe we are close to a top in S&P (2515) & DOW (22500) and the start of a crash in next few weeks. Only Yen pair i see potential for significant upside is the GBPJPY, because the GBP has the potential to do what the CAD has already done. Good Luck
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Jamal92 mattytb84
@mattytb84, I agree with you.
marberisking mattytb84
@mattytb84, Depends what your timescale is, i'm a long-term guy, not into daytrading that the kids do, no bull market has ever fizzled out, not one. It has to go vertical before it ends, we haven't had that yet so bull market continues until vertical phase is over, a minor pullback is neither hear nor there. Differing opinions maketh a market, thank you for sharing, I wish you well. Coppock is the best indicator bar none but hardly anyone knows how to use it properly, after the bear market ends watch it ping and load up for the next bull market, have a good one.
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