spx500 defying the laws of gravity

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This is the mother of all artificial market ( AMM             ) manipulations. Can someone definitively tell me why this market has not corrected please? Everything stocks do NOT like has happened since 9-30-16. Dollar up, other currencies down large, note the previous red boxes and historically. And now DXY             is up and oil             is up, oil             Barron's are manipulating price. What happened to supply and demand and fundamental evaluation? Gone, finished, out of here. Biased news, AMM             , and the forces coming from that large hidden room where commands are given daily of what to prop up by those who would be unnamed, are the only forces that matter. That is THE BUBBLE folks, where no economics substantially matter, and stock price is news dependent, or better yet purpose generated rumor dependent. Better odds betting on two turtles racing these days, and more exciting. Until Nov 9th             , throwing in the towel, taking a break, crying uncle, watching from the sidelines, licking my wounds, getting some R & R, etc, etc,etc. This election will change the USA forever, one way or the other, and as a result will revise trading back to fundamentals and economics (Trump), or not just more of the same AMM             , but a much worse version of it, which would make me throw in the towel. Nothing is real anymore, just created for a purpose, real or not, leaked, and used for political and market prop purposes. Can't prove it, but I cannot see the the wind either, but I feel the it when it blows, and I know it is there. Careful trading folks, careful, careful.
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