COHR Over-punished; buying the dip

Pretty basic approach here, less clear than my usual bullish/bearish wedge patterns.

COHR is a profitable company with a good track record. Missed earnings last quarter, got punished hard. Coincided around the same time the overall market was in a downturn. Price dipped more than two standard deviations below the 100 day moving average. I don't think the bearishness is justified, so I caught the knife.

There appears to be some consolidation happening at the current price level. There's potential for a reversal of this drop, but I don't see any indication either way. I trust that the company is a good one, and hope that the market will reflect that in the future.
Dagangan aktif: There's a bearish wedge in the short term chart; might be a buying opportunity coming up.
Dagangan aktif: Oops, pretty sure that's an ascending triangle continuation pattern. Lost out on 1% trying to catch another knife, long again.
Dagangan aktif: Dipping hard on lowish volume following news of selling from investment firms. Not out yet, watching the price action.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual
Oh, sorry, I was talking about a few weeks later than you analyzed above.
I think it was a descending triangle, alas, I only noticed well after the fact. But I hate COHR, every time I buy in it tanks, like almost automatically. And it seems to be headed south again after a short rally, but maybe not. I get such good reviews on it, and the company looks so solid, but its stock is I think better avoided.
Look at that, I manually closed out my trade and it jumps just after. Good lesson to stick with your plans :)
Company is stellar, just a volatile stock to own. Accumulating at this price point as well, thanks!
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