POLONIEX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
First off I am very new to TA, just learning as I go by monitoring other TA's from different coins.

I was watching DGB             mainly because I'm also mining this coin.
Last few weeks it went nothing but downhill after having seen a nice up early in june (Citibank hype).
Today was announced WireX is adding DGB             as official paymenth method for their cards. https://twitter.com/Lorikrasniqi/status/876779443813044224
The citibank awards will be announced by end of this month too (source missing)

So today I see this (for now, short term) trend reversal.
Red and green zones show the downwards and (newly formed) upwards trends (short term)
Blue lines show the long term trend, which at moment of writing has briefly been crossed. (This means I buy)

Still pretty low volatility , but increasing and wave C now positive!

Other people have claimed possible beginnings of cup and handle formation, this could well be but a change in trend is what we can see right now.

Any comments, advice please let me know.
Komen: Initial Upward trend was too optimistic.
Slow but steady upwards trend, maybe indeed to form cup and handle after which bigger breakout will come through.

Keep good look out next following days ;)
I agree with you. There is a break out coming for DGB. A little upward movement from now till Thursday/Friday. I suspect a BIG breakout to happen on Thursday or Friday from my personal analysis. Happy trading.
belgian93 ghozieh
@ghozieh, Thanks for the feedback! Seems like initial upward trend is predicted a bit to steep, will indeed go slower but slow increase will be healthier for dgb to prevent overvalue. Thanks again
Soundfx4 belgian93
@belgian93, what do u think First Target will be once it breaks blue line?
belgian93 Soundfx4
@Soundfx4, hard to say, as I'm not experienced in predicting targets. It has just now tested 1200 sat region and fell down quite a bit. But i would think it could test 1400 in next days.
Soundfx4 ghozieh
@ghozieh, good news, thanks for your opinion as well. Appreciate it
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