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Digi transfer speed always amazed me so much. But we have behind our back massive sell off at begening of DGB and veeery long stagnation. This year after years of space ship constructions finally our machine showed us that it can fly high. That's veery good sign on our road map. Fibo level taking us up 11000 sats someday AS a spike of major wave 1 huuge cycle ! What's more at 11000 level we will pass up the point of sell off from few years ago and power of our craft will grow vastly. This will be the confirmed begening of ride up to the real hot moon as a major wave 3. Coin with perspectives. Definitely active Long in here.
I see your wave count, and all I can tell you is, there is no evidence that wave 2 is over, we could still be declinig in wave 2 for a long time, who knows. In the crypto space, waves 2 usually take forever, sometimes many years. Will see. I rather be late and pay twice the price or more, than be stuck in a crypto that is not moving. But thats just me. Good luck.
And here we sit at 150 sat....
In crypto it is very difficult to determinate "when" something take place. I am not sure when will it finally happen up to day. I am looking at chart as a checkpoints that must occure on the global DGB road map. So sooner or later this scenario will take action. In 2015 I predicted LTC potential for $100. It took more then 2 years for free but finally we have $98. nearly x100 from bottom I think that DGB have it's own road to ride when breakout. I also think we made bottom already. Even if not it is ver good place to buy if you invest long. It is not easy to park funds in good coin. Building community, adding DGB to new exchanges and constant forward thinking of creators makes that this coin has really huge chance to grow to the moon just like LTC.
How do you get the timeframe ? By last week of Jan, you saying it is going to be 11000... For real?
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