BITTREX:DGBUSD   DigiByte / US Dollar
Tried to get a better understanding of where this coin is going on DBGBTC however could see a very clear analysis. Change it to DBGUSD and wow its alot clearer. DGBUSD has massive growth potential. We have just completed our first impulse wave and now into wave3 being our largest wave. Chart says it all.
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8700$ 18.9.2018It's really funny
The analysis is completely wrong
Are you sure you got the right scale?
Beautiful Analysis. Thanks. If this analysis is correct on your log chart then I will be a multimillionaire with my current holdings on the 15th of September 2018. Hard to believe, but the past has shown that Elliot wave theory has worked on log charts as well. Let's see if it can resist the temptation to sell at 50 cents or a dollar.
@enjotel, And me a billionair. Lets meen up and just burn money (Literall) and thow it at ppl.
what in all that is holly is this. $8900 Dollars!!! there is 1 wallet that has 1/2 of all dgb this price is ludicrous. U must be a huge bag holder.
Who do u think you are John Macafee
joe2411 Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, just rechecked the chart and log scales, this is done on daily charts. If this was to play out it would take till end of 2018 to see full Elliot Wave cycle. This analysis was based on the first impulse move. We then had a shallow retracement which only extends our 3rd wave much much higher. Fastoring a typical 1.68 extension we have a long way to go up. I have no idea on what this cpoin does nor am i interested, just basing the analysis on chart. Setting the wave cycles, it is correct. Whether you beleive it will get there or not is at your discretion however im sure you and many people didnt beleive alot of the coins will reach the levels they have and im sure there will be more of massive moves to come.
We are in a new Crypto Bull market which will run for the next 7-10 years. Why couldnt this happen? And by the way, i do own DGB but i def aint a bag holder. Will definatley hold these though as its definately a risk i will take.
@joe2411, AT that price that is 178 trill market cap (20B Coins) that more money than the entire world and the global GDP combined.

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