ETCUSDT - Poloniex - Starting this one with Wyckoff Schematic...

POLONIEX:ETCUSDT   Ethereum Classic / Tether USD
...before following up with indicators.

Posted again for easier reading and viewing of text bubbles. For whatever reason, Trading View program scrunches up the charts on the cover chart; making me post another copy to make it easier to view and read. Simply click on the chart below to see it in a larger view.

It's important to note I used the 7-Day TF as a means for determining the EVENTS for this Schematic. Wyckoff Rules and Schematics SHOULD only be applied with 7-Day TF or higher where at all possible.

After close examination, I've found ETCUSD to be in progress of a Wyckoff Distribution Schematic.

Here is an image of a Wyckoff Distribution Schematic :

If you were to take a look at the following article at Distribution Schematic choices, you may see why:

I will follow up shortly with indicators added...

A couple of more additions before getting into indicators:
Komen: 7-Day TF with indicators:

Komen: 4-Day TF:

Komen: 2-Day TF:

Komen: Daily (1440 minutes) TF:

Komen: Bringing attention to the odds being HIGH that ETCUSD has probably reached a reversal point to the upside.

3-Day TF:

Komen: Don't be surprised if we have a few days of sideways before it goes up significantly.
Komen: Also, even though the 4-Day TF shows the Phoenix ARI has not reached bottom, I've also seen the ARI in 4-Day and 3-Day TF's do not necessarily have to go all the way to zero (0.0) percent before we see reversal.
Komen: New red Text Bubble on the 7-Day TF.

Also edited the white text bubble with purple trim and purple text to say, "....Phase B to C" instead of A to B.

Komen: ETCUSD has reverted from that of Distribution to Accumulation. Hence the change to BLACK text bubbles for accumulation. I'm going to start using BLACK text bubbles for accumulation schematics.

This is the 4-Day TF:

Komen: 2-Day TF with indicators... The reason I'm showing the 2-Day instead of 4-Day TF at this point in time is because of how low the purple ghost and green lines are in the 4-Day TF.

I would prefer to see the reversal ahead of time in the 2-Day or 1-Day (1440m) TF to get an indication sooner of potential reversal.

Komen: Daily (1440m) TF:

Komen: A look at the 12h (720m) TF. You can see it's TRYING to reverse. Just not there yet.

Komen: blacksea00, wanted an update with ETCUSD. So, I'm providing one for him.

4-Day TF: Looks strong like all other alts. As for a price point of where it's going; that's practically impossible to determine. Especially, with so little history. I will say this, ETCUSD appears to have a better chance of creating a new ATH by June 1st when comparing to other coins traded in USD.

2-Day TF: Still room for upside

Daily (1440m) TF: I can see $55 for new ATH this June 1st. I can also see blowing past that to at least $75 by September 1st and potentially $120 by end of 2018.

This turned in Accumulation Schematic same as BTC and ETH right?
Thank you for chart. Nice job. Please, keep updating.
Why does this chart have only 10 likes? Excellent job.
Although, I am more bearish than bullish on Crypto, I do appreciate quality work.

ROFL... not that many involved with trading ETC in USD. Most trade it in BTC. At least that's my theory. Also, I simply don't have that many followers in order for a large amount of LIKE's. Especially, since a small percentage actually take the time to click "LIKE" when they navigate to my ideas. For instance, I have over 130,000 views but only 3,000 "LIKES." That shows you how few actually take the time to click "like."

However, I honestly don't mind. I actually kind of like not having a LARGE following. Especially, while I have several projects going on here at the house with a power upgrade and remodel of my mining room for better cooling this summer. If I had a LOT of followers, I would feel more obligated to keep them informed. I will not be in a position to be that "obligated" until mid to late summer. I should be back into trading full time again by then. Which means I'll have more tie to post more charts and keep them updated.

Thanks again for the follow and the "like" hkh.

Happy trading Mate,

+1 Balas
@hkh222, I cannot remember if I told you or not but you ought to go to "indicators" and add "Godmode 3.1 Mod with LSMA - LTCUSD" to your charts. It's a lot like my Phoenix 1.393 on my charts. Also in indicators, type in "Stochastic RSI" and add that to your arsenal. I would do this for each chart you have. If you have questions, post your chart with comments or questions in one of my ideas and I will provide an answer to your question.

I remember when I first became a member on Trading View years ago. I did not know ANYTHING about trading. I especially, didn't know anything about creating charts and using all the features on the charts. I still don't know how to use all the features yet. Mainly because I have not found a need to learn everything yet. Post ideas with your charts as you get more comfortable. Be open to constructive criticism and defiant against haters. Especially, if such haters don't even take the time themselves or have the balls to expose themselves to the public out of fear of being wrong or criticized.

WE LEARN BY DOING. So, as NIKE says, "Just Do It."
cI8DH ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Thanks David for taking the time to write. I really appreciate it. I understand what you mean by not having too many followers. Although my charts were very accurate lately, I discourage people from following me cause it gives me stress. I learned about Stoch RSI two days ago and overlayed it on RSI. I will add Godmode as well, thanks for recommending it. I like to learn TA by doing than learning from books. I like to learn Wyckoff, but I was too busy trading so far. I also like the general idea behind EW, but not following it strictly. Perhaps, I should look for another wave theory that is more flexible.

Happy trading too.

/Monkey :D
@hkh222, As long as you maintain a PRO account, you will be allowed to use the public indicator called Godmode 3.1 Mod with LSMA - LTCUSD. It can be used on ANYTHING. It does not have to be just LTCUSD. :)

Also, I created a publication on HOW to use Godmode. Several different versions of Godmode have been created since I created this publication. In the beginning, Godmode did not have its "INPUTS" set to my recommendations. Nor did it have an LSMA "merged" within it and its INPUTS set to my recommendations. NOW, we have a Godmode indicator that has all the inputs and added (merged) LSMA with the inputs set for it per my recommendations. That version is Godmode 3.1 Mod with LSMA - LTCUSD.

I said that to say this, "IGNORE" the beginning of this publication I'm about to share which tells you how to setup the inputs for Godmode and add an LSMA. WHY? Cause the version of Godmode 3.1 Mod with LSMA already has it setup per my recommendations. Simply pick up where I finish telling you how to setup Godmode in that publication.

Fair warning: That publication was VERY DISORGANIZED and basically a rough draft for a future publication that would be more organized. Most everything you need to know about it is within that publication. It will simply take time to study it.

Here's that publication:

cI8DH ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, I really don't know how to say thank you David. I have never received such a thorough replies from anyone on the Internet. You just earned a die-hard follower:D

ROFL... Happy to help, hkh.

I "TRY" to treat others as I want to be treated. There have been times I'm too busy, sleeping or just not in the mood. However, I eventually get around to treating others as I want to be treated.

Thanks for the follow.

Heads up: I've been awake since 7:45pm yesterday (Thursday). It's now 1:17pm the next day (Friday). So, I might be sleeping the next time you make a post on one of my ideas. I'm sure you'll have questions. That's to be expected... I'll get around to answering any questions you may have when I have the time.
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