Crypto ETH BTC to decimate USD EUR GBP imperial empires reign

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Crypto ETH BTC is going to decimate USD EUR GBP imperial empires reign - I could see ETH is breaking out, LTC is going to break out and BTC is definitely going to break out to 20K again

I am a newbie who have started trading in ETH/BTC and something struck me like a bolt. I am going to make a certain and long term prediction that would definitely help everyone involved in Crypto as an investment or trading or as enthusiast.

The Beginning of the End of Imperial empires have already begun and that is going to be speeded up by the already $1 Trillion strong Crypto economy. One thing I liked about Crypto is there are no borders and no protected groups.

What we have in our hand as Crypto is the silver bullet that can cure all the inequality and the hypocritic society the world has turned into.

This Crypto economy should be used to suck the money out of the erstwhile Fiat currency economy hitherto run by powerful vested interests protected groups and the imbalance trade rules thrust on the hapless poor countries by the rich and powerful countries that derives power through Fiat currencies USD, GBP, EUR, etc.

A good government is one that was supposed to be run for the people, by the people and of the people but what happened in reality was the governments were overrun for powerful Oligarchy a very small group of less than a thousand families control the world's resources/wealth (0.1%).

Even if nothing material come out of Crypto the scare, the FUD - Fear Uncertainty and Doubt and FOMO - it could create means it is already a grand success and going to decimate and create a brave new world that is going to create a world institution that runs on the premise "All men are created equal" not just on some paper.

We definitely need to congratulate all that are involved in Crypto that is bringing out the Power of Common People and celebrate the power of a common man in this Crypto economy.

Let's suck out all of the World's wealth that is stored in USD EUR GBP and all the other Fiat currencies that were unjustly taken away from the hard working common man by scrupulous power brokers.

Happy Trading Investing Contributing to Crypto, atleast be happy that all of us are shaping up the new world that few had ever dreamed to create the utopian just world by being at the right place, right time and doing the right thing.

I could see ETH is breaking out, LTC is going to break out and BTC is definitely going to break out to 20K again.

Long Live Crypto.

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Komen: Then crypto is the biggest company in the world!
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