ETH - SHORT TERM WAVES - A Little Breather?

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dolar
Boy what a day! Hard to tell if were done going up, but just based of the RSI , looks like it....again...you never know. Remember, always give cushion on any estimated numbers and watch the candles with a higher time frame to catch a reversal. Good luck!
Komen: Taking a backseat on this monster for a little bit. No way to predict what its doing right now. So many new hands are getting in, and the buying just keeps going. Will slow down for sure, but the $64,000 questions remains unanswered....when will it slow down? Same thing happened with BTC...It hasn't really stopped going up for a long time..WILD WILD WEST!
Komen: ****Backseat = TA. Still holding coins.

This is just at crazy levels, and keeps going sideways.
Komen: Finally Seeing a minor correction/pullback for this long awaited 4th wave.
Are you still holding onto your coins? Past hour seems to indicate even more that this is the 4th wave.
akizzy MisterBurkes
@MisterBurkes, HODL'n. Actually bought some more when the dip happened.
And you don't see any corrections or significant pull backs in the coming days?
akizzy traderjonez
@traderjonez, Hard to see anything at the moment, but theoretically we should see a pull back..just not sure when.
@akizzy, Yeah, lost 1k last night on Kraken. Couldn't reverse my short position (system overload). I'm just trying to make that back asap.
@akizzy, Would you stay long or stay out?
akizzy traderjonez
@traderjonez, I don't want to tell you what to do with your money...BUT...look at it this way. If you bought ETH and held from, lets say a month or two ago..would you be up or down on your position?
@akizzy, I'd certainly be up.
+1 Balas
akizzy traderjonez
@traderjonez, "I keep half, and play with the other half. Because it hurts less when you get burnt playing" - Random guy on the internet
shifo_ traderjonez
@traderjonez, Playing the dips is a dangerous game. Everyone will draw you lines and levels and give plateaus and bottoms BUT crypto is not linear and it is exponential in its nature. Not only that, but they are interlinked. So, you need to keep an eye on the log scale and relative values and if this is not something you will dedicate your everyday for, then don't! Because you will lose more than you will win.

In my opinion, and if you have a lot invested - relative to your financials, take a small portion so you calm yourself down and leave the rest to play as it should. It will go up then 40% down then 200% up. Eventually, you will win much more.

I see ETH easily touching $1000-$1500 soon (and I am not gonna sell). Eventually through 2018, I think it is easy to see ETH at $5000 or maybe more.

Don't panic and think you will lose a lot if you waited, because you are already sitting on a comfortable cushion and many people around here would love to be at your shoes.
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