ETP Elliot wave idea

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ETP seems to have completed the first 5 waves, and is currently in ABC-correction.

Can anyone with greater knowledge please comment your thoughts on my analysis and point me to my mistakes? - I'm sure I've made some.

If I haven't, however, we're in for some serious gains for ETP in the coming weeks.

I would love to hear from you about these wave counts!
Komen: Buy zone reached quite a bit boys. Get in!
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai: Well. Hope someone got in at the bottom but this went way further down than I ever expected.
Is it possible we are in subwave 3 and wave 5 is under progress... hmm I think we will see in some hours to come
litestorm vorapoap
@vorapoap, Very optimistic but I guess I'ts a possibility, yes. I'm currently thinking we're in B, C or 1 again.
vorapoap litestorm
@litestorm, Due to the graph that ETP was falling out of uptrend channel.. it is more likely to be in ABC correction.

What do you think from my drawing?
litestorm vorapoap
@vorapoap, Nice one man. You did good it seems. I looked at it but thought it might be too optimistic. But yeah you might be right. Would be cool. Either way we both agree it's going way up from here and 4$ would be a nice entry. - Right?
vorapoap litestorm
@litestorm, Yes... I am not trading in this moment so busy during this end of year..... just drawing things around.. several coin get pump for no reason... ETP is over due.
nice interpretation but lik ppkingx already told there was massive move on BTC and BCH which cause alt blood again.
And in incoming 5 days there will be candy drop for metaverse owners so in my opinion price wil be back on bullish track

but it is all speculation :) we shall see in upcoming days
litestorm matix17c
@matix17c, Well yes, but you never really know with BTC. Not sure how much the airdrop will affect things but I'm hoping it may contribute yeah.
Is bitcoin making any difference here? Quite a few alts crashing because of it.
litestorm pkkingx11
@pkkingx11, Hard to tell with BTC.
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