Where do we get the Red Diamond indicator?
ETP Long
2 very large buying groups have bought 8 million ETP coins and will be going for a serious push i the next week. Check out my past posts, i call alot of dumps and spikes, like the SAN/USD from .22 cents to .0007 cents in 4million dump.
i called it here before, nobody listened.

happy trading!
Well shiat, hit the SL :/
la4440 finfreedom99
@finfreedom99, good news for long holders, not so much for the sell :( hope you dint trade too big. sorry brotha.
@la4440, No worries, it was a 50$ loss :) thank you for your analysis! Do you trade any other alts at the moment? What do you think about ETH (everybody on TV is going long with it)?
la4440 finfreedom99
@finfreedom99,, eth long? so are we.. playing EOS..
@la4440, gaaah I've missed that one and since we already hit T1, I'm sure you'd recommend to not enter now, or? :)
la4440 finfreedom99
@finfreedom99, wait for dips then..do the sl hit loss math, and position size accordingly.. :)
i would never even consider opening a short with the KICK ICO incoming, also been rumors on some news for end of nov/dec Time will show :) Thank your for your analysis and good luck with your trade
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