euraud.1h. at market cypher

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Mates, a cypher formation just completed. Nice chance to get long. Have a good day.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: second target is hit
This pattern was found by the MPS-5.2 pattern recognition software:

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very beautiful
Thanks for good idea
This is so good, how can we identify XA leg? For me, its hard to find XA leg :( Any advice book? or video?
i watched your 'The secret to swing identification' youtube video. Is it enough?
Alexander_Nikitin DegneksizCoban
@DegneksizCoban, XA should be an impulse swing or an anchor swing.
Bullish impulse XA example:
1) Previous downside movement (I will call it YX) should be at least 0.382 of XA . Thus the X-point is clear cut.
2) YX should contain at least two red candles with lower lows and lower highs. It will be great if one of them also has a lower close beyond the previous low.
3) In case XA is the first impusle of potential uptrend: YX should be a bounce from a significant resistance (tested at least 3 times in the nearest past)= the last lower low of the downtrend; XA should break it showing at least one candle with entire body above it.
4) In case XA is not the first impulse of and unptrend: The previous impulse (ZY) should be a break of resistance thus YX retracement is simply a restest of it. Broken resistance should now become support. X-point should be a support point.

Bullish anchor XA example:
1) Identify a range trading between support and resistance. Both levels should be significant (tested at least 3 times)
2) XA is the movement from support to resistance.

For cyphers it is slightly different but the principles are the same.
DegneksizCoban Alexander_Nikitin
@Alexander_Nikitin, Thank you so much Alexander
Alexander_Nikitin DegneksizCoban
@DegneksizCoban, you are welcome:)
i hit first target and waiting for second target to hit hopefully Aussi news later on.
@dtech369, think it will go there...
This was a really good trade and analysis.thanks a lot for your hard work Alexander.
+1 Balas
@Eltonlika2017, thank you:)
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