EURUSD: Republishing my forecast and long entry here

FX:EURUSD   Fx Euro/Dolar U.S.
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In one of my previous publications, I had indicated that the Euro needed time to break above the monthly downtrend resistance zone . We have spent enough time grinding below resistance now,
and the market shows it's ready to shoot higher. A tight stop long is possible here, now, and on dips after today. See my previous publication here:
It becomes interesting if this is indeed a trend reversal of the scale I had foreseen back then, since it implies a steady uptrend for months to come in the Euro .
Best of luck,

Ivan Labrie.
Komen: 6-month timeframe shows a very bullish and clear picture now.
A potential upside move was confirmed in the previous 6-month bar, on close.
Komen: Weekly shows 2-3 more weeks left of upside momentum.
It might consolidate after that, but, longer term, it remains bullish, so, dips are a buy...we have an arsenal of trend-following strategies to use, to benefit from keeping the main trend in mind, to profit from short term volatility.

Komen: The monthly/2-month timeframe shows an uptrend is possible, as a downtrend failure, which aims for the vicinity of 1.3000 by Nov-Dec '18.

Komen: Yes, the euro has potentially, 15% upside from here, out one year+.
This is why I reccomended swapping your margin account cash for swiss francs...

Draghi talks soon, ideally, it gives us a chance to add on dips. It might just make it accelerate further up.

Good spot to add on dips approaching (or reentering if you closed higher like me)
Dagangan ditutup secara manual:

Closed for now, will reenter after a correction.
Komen: A consolidation wouldn't shock me. Watching to buy again. Trend is up.

Looking to rejoin this trend in the new signal, oversold daily readings would be great...
Komen: That was pretty much spot on, the trend might resume soon.
Komen: This application of advanced time at mode concepts has paid off ridiculously well...not to mention the significance of it working so well, from a research standpoint. Tim West really is an alchemist or something. Props to him.

We approach end of 2017, rally time? I say so.
Komen: Looks like $EURUSD will rally until we land of quarterly resistance, which will take until April 2019 to be breached...
You think where are we correcting on EURUSD now?
Spot on, dude! And last week has me on high alert for a continuation of this uptrend.
Awesome work Ivan!
you're right you nailed this one, good stuff..
+1 Balas
IvanLabrie Smokwawelski
@Smokwawelski, hi, I don't trade harmonic patterns...good luck though.
hi there, can you name some possible entries and SL / leverage that you would think of?
IvanLabrie fineregex
@fineregex, sure, you can use a tight stop, down on the day, today. 1.11828
Size should make you risk 0.25-0.5% if stopped out. You could add on dips after today too. Don't risk over 0.5-1%.
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