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As I said at previous post, the LONG order of EURUSD was in considered and now it is the time to take jump into LONG
Open price: 1.0560
S/L: 1.0474
Target: MACD deviation on 1H chart
Komen: Holding the long order, if Monday morning the price goes back to the MA and the step on it again, we may have the chance to increase the position.
According to the Daily chart, the target is updated as below.
Short term target: 4H chart MACD deviation
Medium term target: D chart MACD deviation
But when the price finish the 1H deviation, and the price steps under the MA on 15MIN, close the increased position.
Dagangan aktif: Increase the position at 1.0601
Target: MACD deviation on 1H chart
Komen: Update the chart again
Dagangan aktif: I increased my order again, and all the information has listed on the picture, this is the last time to increased the position until we get the some unrealized money.
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai: Price reached S/L, right now I do not have any EU order, let's see if we have any chance tomorrow
Dagangan aktif: Finally, we got the chance to long it and what a fxxking busy morning.
order was showed on the picture included the open level and S/L
Target is 4H chart's MACD deviation.
Komen: Hope all you guys follow the rules that I posted before, and I increased the position yesterday, also today we should have the best opportunity to increased again, I did not have time to stay at front of the computer so I missed the chance, all the information I have post in the chart, good luck for you guys.
Komen: Holding the long order, close part of the orders when the MACD has the deviation on 1H chart, I prefer the closing chance will appears tomorrow or Tuesday, and before the FOMC the price will has retracement.
Komen: MACD has the deviation on 1H chart but the time is not right, just hold and wait the right timing
Komen: Holding your long order and no more change
Komen: Please check the modification as picture
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: I closed the long order at price 1.0715, but definitely I closed them too early and also short for corrective in wrong time. All the information I have updated on the chart. However the trend needs to be corrected, and I am waiting the chance to long it again after the corrective, so please wait until the chance is coming.
Komen: Sorry I forgot to send the chart
Komen: The market is on the corrective way and do not short it, just wait for the long chance appears when the MACD shows the deviation on 30M chart

Komen: The corrective is not finished, keep patience for the chance to long it again.
Komen: Seems like the corrective trend won't appears for the next higher long top. And the charts start to show the power of long trend turn to weak, let us see what will happen next
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: Market did not give me any chance to long it, and seems the long trend will end for real corrective in a short term. This post will be closed, I will post new one for short trade

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