How to Infer Currency Strength Without ANY Indicators

FX:GBPUSD   Pound British/Dolar U.S.
Today I received a question regarding what indicators or websites to use to infer and compare the strength between related currencies. I responded with a long winded explanation as to why it is not necessary to use indicators or websites to infer such information because it can be realized solely through price action. If we look at the daily range today on GBPUSD , EURUSD , and EURGBP which resulted from the huge miss on the NFP numbers, we can gauge the strength between the EUR and the GBP versus the dollar as well as the EUR vs the GBP.

In looking at the daily ranges of these pairs we will first notice that they all had a strong move to the upside. This of course being due to the weakness and downside movement on the dollar ultimately resulting form the miss on the NFP number. Therefore right off the bat we can infer that foreign leading currency pairs should be strong against the dollar today and we can expect to see pairs like the GBPUSD and EURUSD moving to the upside. That is exactly what we see here... price moved as expected.

Now... what if you want to compare the relative strength of the GBP vs the EUR as it relates to the dollar weakness. Well then we will need to bring the cross pair EURGBP into the picture. The EURGBP cross pair will tell you how strong the EUR is vs the GBP. We see that the daily range of the EURGBP cross pair is roughly 90 pips and as of right now this pair has held that range indicating the EUR strength that we see clearly on the EURUSD . The daily range of the EURUSD is roughly 215 pips and it too has held this range indicating its strength. Since most of the day's trading is done for being that it is a Friday we can expect to see these prices hold through to the close of the day.

So we have concluded now that the EUR is for sure strong right now against the dollar and we are thinking since EURGBP is so strong as well that this rally in the GBPUSD might be misleading and the GBP might not be all that strong right now. By looking at the GBPUSD we can see that it's daily range was roughly 160 pips but as of right now it has already give up roughly 1/3 of that range and price is showing signs of continued downside movement. Seeing this we can conclude that the EUR is certainly stronger than the GBP right now and going into next week if we continue to see upside movement on EURUSD and EURGBP we can expect to see downside movement on GBPUSD .

We hope you found this to be insightful and if you did you should definitely check out our YouTube channel goo.gl/g8sWn3 where we do live streams every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 7 p.m. eastern standard time.

Enjoy your weekend!
A really good lesson learnt, thanks!
FeroxWealth maksheetal
Thanks I'm glad you found it to be insightful! Be sure to follow so you get our ideas!
Lesson Learn Thanks..
FeroxWealth Simpleisbeautiful.
Ah I believe it was you who initially asked about this.. glad to see you caught this and found it insightful!
Yeah Thanks for the lesson :)
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