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Entry tactics:

As usual, we want to enter on a signal. Since today is NFP, I guess we have to take an early signal. So maybe if you choose an M5 chart and wait for price to go into the sell zones and wait for a print of the signal on M5, then that would be nice and safe. So to sell...
1. We must enter the sell zones
2. We must get at least a level 1 signal print (print means that the candles must close)

Today, let our objective be getting into the buy.
Next week, hopefully we will reach the target zone.

**For those thinking about taking the move up, I would think about that too, but it is dangerous, so be careful**

Good luck and be safe please (NO RUSH)
Komen: Stops just above the critical level please
Komen: Please do not rush

If you get a signal before the sell zone, you can enter (as I'm sure many of you will do anyway) but your risk would be higher so be careful
Komen: Ok everyone,

It is now every man for himself
I'll be online but totally focused on my trade. You do the same
and we'll chat after the event

Good luck, be very safe trading
Komen: I know it looks good and everything, but we did not correct properly yet
so still be very careful and do not marry your position if u entered already
Komen: and by the way, we just made an expanding triange
Komen: Let's just rewind again

We still want to try and get a sell in our sell zone
only now it is easier since things are calmer

Notice that the zone slipped down a few pips. so start looking for sells right after we jump over KS
I'll update the chart over the weekend, but I'd really love to see you all join in the sell in the right zone

Good luck
A few pips and no losses .. nice
Komen: For today, I think we will just settle in the middle of today's range

So no more trading fro me
Wow, that is good with no losses! It means the positions were well placed and well exited! That is something to learn!
Why such a small target? I thought the idea was to sell and join the main bearish trend, are you expecting it to bounce at the target zone?
I am a trend trader. I follow the market

the market has laws which Mr. market himself enforces and price moves following those laws. It's like physics.
So when you know the laws, you can expect what price should do

If price does not do what it should do Mr. market gets very upset. We don't like that so we leave the room

That's what just happened in a nutshell

Good luck
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Vytasbcn Ichimoku_Trader
I love physics myself and I believe that is a brilliant explanation!
Thank you
Excellent call, thank you for sharing! I made a bag full pips on in 13 minutes and will certainly watch more of your posts as they are informative to me.
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thank you

happy pips
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indeed TIME TO GET BACK IN as strong bear seen.... good luck!
not true
ptp94 Ichimoku_Trader
it may just be correcting at the moment, also when a cloud breakout happen, do we consider the wick as a breakout or does it have to be the body?
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