Words Have Consequences!!

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Yes, USA had a POTUS election last Tuesday. Half people who voted lost and half the people won. Trump did win electoral votes (270 or more), with final of 306. Co-owner of Grubhub             business decided to write his employees a letter stating essentially IF you voted for Trump, pretty much you shouldn't be working for his company.. now he is backtracking. If employee's are doing their jobs, why would a company threaten them r/t their politic beliefs?

Whatever your political beliefs, when you are an owner whom does are opening up a can of worms. In U.S.A being tolerant of other's race, beliefs, culture is why we are a powerful country. Now Grumhub stock has taken a $5.00 drop, since 11/8/2016 and appears BEARISH for rest of year. A lot of conservative employee's and customers did not like it. When you look at a post election U. S.A.             map, most of the country is still center right. Other big U. S.A.             companies are run by owners whom loudly share their political views. Can cost them money.
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