IOTA - Big Short.

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The comments are in the chart.
I started shorting, a small part.
Komen: Forgot to comment the indicators, but they are pretty easy to understand right now.
Komen: A zoom up.
Shorting is risky now, wait for confirmation.
Komen: Unconviced of shorting, here you have a bearish gartley reversal pattern.
Komen: Breaking previous high will attempt to break ATH.
Dagangan aktif: Bull trap confirmed.
Dagangan aktif: My back pain is starting to get better which makes me think bears have won. First target 50% drop from the top, then will try again and probably fail and drop hard , buy back in 3 months for the next run.
Dagangan aktif: IOTA Broke down the Triangle some where looking at, it is in an ascending wedge and within a channel, in a critical spot. Good luck.
It may be pumped desperately but ultimately it will not break through ATH, IMO. 5 USD is Selling Zone, Buy Zone at 3.5.
I wouldn't short now, but sell to avoid losses, do not FOMO if there is a bull trap.
Dagangan aktif: Watch for the dip in the following days. Look at the first chart, you will see it's exactly at the point where if it breaks it drops from the 2nd ARC (I wrote 3rd ARC by mistake in that idea). It can go as low as 3, then will fomo up. and then when it breaks the other support if it doesn't penetrate the arc, it will go to 2 usd. and if it breaks 1x1, it will drop like a rock. Good luck.
Komen: If you have balls, short untill 3. it will bounce hard and fail 4.2 or so, that will be a better short entry.
Komen: That was the best short entry anyone could get.
Komen: In a few days there will be a sell off.
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Nice prediction,

My chart is most likely where the market is taking IOTA. Nobody short it.
Vold316 CryptoFortune
@CryptoFortune, You are still in time to change your mind. :)
That's bullshit idea market is trending up no short!!
+2 Balas
Vold316 999Levin
@999Levin, If it breaks up the triangle it may try to break ATH, and if it does it will continue going up. Short only a very small part, it's risky, close if breaks up. :)
ep.thiago1 999Levin
@999Levin, I am with you.
@999Levin, sorry, if it may seem a silly question. I'm new to trading, and would like to clarify what you mean when you say shorting, do you mean just selling to avoid losses? because I know of the term shorting when a trader borrows stocks and sells when prices are going down, and then buys back when price is low and returns the stock. Is it the same in crypto? or in your case you are just selling your own coins and buying back at a lower cost. Thank you!
Vold316 kristinamv
@kristinamv, Not selling, entering a short position. You can do that in some exchanges, for IOTA , bitfinex.
are you a US resident ? I'm a us resident and would like to use bitfinex, but the site says they do not deal with individual US resident accounts. I still log in into bitfinex, but not sure if it will allow me to trade with usd.
Vold316 kristinamv
@kristinamv, I'm not from US, and I'm shorting IOTA right there. If you want to short it use bianance I guess, if you want to long it, I'd advice you not to. The fake news about the partnership with microsoft is over.
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