IOTUSD on the cheap

I notice these flash crashes always get retested. I think now is the time to set your order for a cheap pickup. I would set a limit order on the target zone and let the market come to you. After the flash down it will return back up for a quick profit.
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@adamhallf1, interessting idea. Didn't see that pattern. Where did you notice those flash crashes? Do you have an example? Where would you set your buy order?
adamhallf1 El_Hefe84
@El_Hefe84, As you can see it has tried to retest the highs 3 times and it is still in the bottom of the range. So if it can't go any higher it has to go lower to attract more buyers. The first level of support is $3. If it breaks that support then the next level is $1.5 where it was last rejected. I would scale in maybe $2.5 to $1.5. Traders will see it as a discount and start buying it aggressively at that point.
El_Hefe84 adamhallf1
@adamhallf1, thank you very much for your answer. I am prepared for both directions. I think if it really goes down to e.g. 3$ or deeper, it will come back like slingshot and demolish the resistance.
how many days do you have? 95 days XMR?
adamhallf1 MustafaGuven
@MustafaGuven, Not sure what you mean.
MustafaGuven adamhallf1
@adamhallf1, BTC dump occurs
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