IOTUSD Buy as much as you can at bottom

HI there, Dont miss these coins the coins i am showing. Let them come close to the bottom then buy as much as you can. Add this coin with the 4 others. Mona coin, XRP, NXT, Vertcoin, Verge coin. These coins will make you millionaires. Dont miss these trades.

Will update once i will see further price action. Good Luck.
Komen: This chart is just for reminder.
Komen: IOTUSD Dont miss this long.
What do you think today?
Bottom at 0,3 USA ?? How can it go that low ?
I'm in all these coins. Will look to add at bottom as you suggest. Huge potential!
@mkat, hmm I'm also in it. But if it goes to the bottom, why not sell what we have now?
mkat TheDudeForex
@TheDudeForex, cause it may not go to the bottom and the upside is too good to miss.... :) Not sure about you, but i can never pick the bottom.
@mkat, I can't either, I think nobody can really know what's going to happen. I'm also holding, waiting for events that will trigger an upward move. FOMO...
mkat TheDudeForex
@TheDudeForex, i think its a solid strategy to invest a conservative amount across a number of these crytos. Only need a few to take off and they will more than make up for the losses.
kdboy TheDudeForex
@TheDudeForex, Because if wave trader is saying it, it is not much likely to happen
+2 Balas
@kdboy, It's not about who's right.
Thank You very much. I like your way of looking at the coins and to include the possibility that the coins could drop really far down again. Thanks.
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