KMD buy opportunity - Long

BITTREX:KMDBTC   Komodo / Bitcoin
KMD             has strong fundamentals and is considered as a long-term investment. The previous drop got the price to the support line 26000 sats             , which is a good entry point.
Price is getting closer to the end of the flag and is rather unlikely that the price will further drop.

ADX DI gives at the 1h a bullish signal. Yet the volume is missing. MACD is also sending some bullish signal.

If the first target at 28900 breaks further upward trend to the second target is expected.

First target is 28900 sats            
Second target is 39000 sats            
Third target is 55246 sats            

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I'm new to TA and try to contribute some thoughts. I appreciate any feedback very much in order to learn from your experience.
Komen: Apparently, sats exits not only as a short version of satoshis. Sry for any confusion.
Komen: First target reached. I'll stay in that lift for the second stop.
Perdagangan aktif: KMD is testing the resistant/new support line. If the break is confirmed we will see the upward trend continuing.

New entry at 3000 -sats-
Perdagangan aktif: Due to BTC's crazy surge recently, many alts bleeding, so does Komodo. Almost all coins`organic grow is depending on BTCs mood. Even if my bags are heavy, the price I bought it is still good and Komodo is doing not that bad the last hours.

We might observe the next 2 days how Komodo is forming a bull flag at the 1h chart.
Perdagangan tutup: sasaran tercapai: I'll keep a closer look soon and see where this is heading to. What are you thinking? Comment and share your thoughts.
"Apparently, sats exits not only as a short version of satoshis. Sry for any confusion."

I don't quite understand. "sats" is an abbreviation for satoshis; everyone knows this.

Or do you think people will find it confusing that TV hyper-linked "sats" to a ticker ("SATS") on the stock market? We know TV does this and it's a mistake on their software.
MarWar mightytrader
@mightytrader, Nevermind, but thank you for making that point with TV's software mistake. I've learned that now too.
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