LTC/USD - The answer to market's current state

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
While everyone is so busy with the ol' famous question "When moon Bitcoin             , sir?!?" , Litecoin has a more "clear" answer to that.

The only alt coin out of the big ones that has a clear impulsive wave up and shows that the correction is more likely over. But that doesnt mean that the only way from here is upwards.

If you want to know whats gonna happen the next few days/weeks you should keep a close eye to litecoin, its leading the pack for now.
Komen: Indecision still on Litecoin, dont listen to random twitter celebrities that talk big. There is no crystal ball, angle wings, or kings crown.
They are just fancy words for "i have no idea" . Very few know the fate of this and they definately dont share it on social media.
Komen: Market decides retest of the lows. I will keep this updated as the waves develop, for more precise targets.
Komen: Litecoin! Same as Bitcoin, what a surprise! Wave 4 around 200. Wave 5 to complete c somewhere on the bigger box.
Komen: LTC, although looking impulsive, it should be missing a wave. Retest of the local low is the minimum here.
Komen: Nothing has changed here, just a bigger retracement than expected. Bottom between 140-155.
Komen: I think LTC is missing a minor wave, but it should favor a ~10$ move from the bottom.
Komen: We are not certain if bottom is in on LTC yet, despite hitting the targets.
I would advice extra caution on levels 164 and 173.
Komen: "Random" , "Lucky" , "Coincidence" .

Komen: LTC getting denied at the second target, interesting staff!
Komen: Dont forget, Litecoin has the answer, spending time to understand Bitcoin is a waste of energy and time.
Ace , what are you telling me here dude, I've got a pile of that coin here at 170, I can't take a drawdown to 130 . So u're looking for a lower low on everything then?
Acel PRO TomPower
@TomPower, no im not sure at all. This is just the worst case scenario. If bottom is in, we fly after a retracement, if not its 130 for ltc and ~6.5 for btc.
+1 Balas
What's your take on LTC going up with no pullback...or pulling back to around 200-205 range then next leg up?
Acel PRO CashFlowCrypto
@CashFlowCrypto, i have no clue how this will play out, honestly, thats why i have two scenarios. Its as 50-50 as it gets. If i was leaning towards one idea, i would have posted only that one.

The triangle can have a fake breakout on either direction and then turn around. So dont fall into the trap.
+1 Balas
@Acel, yeah I feel ya on coin toss at this point, might as well be on both sides of the trade at this point. Thanks for your charts and great TA!
+1 Balas
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