LTC/USD : **Long opportunity **

KRAKEN:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Whats up guys ! ** Watch below for more info **

** RISKY = every crypto is going down since few days **

Here we have a setup on the ltc/usd.

Accumulation of :

- Daily trendlines from bottom and top
- Support zone
- Lot of fibonacci retracement as usual
- Stochastic strong oversold ( watch below )
- BTC trendlines bounce correlation

TP1 is the pinkline , I recommand to breakeven for the 3 other targets .

Don't put a huge amount on this one , SL is big .

Good '' luck ''
Komen: BTC Correlation + Stochastic oversold reaction
Dagangan aktif
Komen: So far so good , I've take a first profit at 38.2% retracement , im now moving the stop loss to 35
** Put your stop Loss in profit when first target is hit **

You can follow me if you want more high probability setup !

im waiting for trendline break
still wait for break trendline
Could you explain it in a bit easier way? Do you mean that it will go up to 56 and drop? or it will go up a bit and drop suddenly imitating BTC's pattern?
I think BTC will go down to $1200 range once we break $1800 which means LTC might see $25 as you showed.
rdanzot73 silmaril0875
@silmaril0875, why you think that?
@rdanzot73, Because BTC is leading all the altcoins at this point, so if BTC sneezes, the altcoins get a cold and BTC is not done with it's drop.
Foralex silmaril0875
@silmaril0875, I admit the major weekly trend of btc is around 1200 . But if you look in comments zone , btc hardly react to oversold lvl in the past
@Foralex, Lets see what happens. We currently in a micro channel and if that breaks you could be correct but currently BTC is hitting a micro trend line barrier which is the same as the previous times...
@Foralex, I think your forecast is turning out to be correct. All we now need is the volume...
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