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COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Staying above teal line means we are bullish ; going below teal line makes us bearish ; hovering around teal line means consolidation. As it can be seen the market has returned to the trend it was at before. This means we have stronger support which means we can try for a higher all time high. LTC going up in price is not a matter of if, it is a matter of time. We have the tech, we have the memes, LTC will only go up in value in the long run.
Komen: The week chart is still bullish.

Do check out here:
Komen: MACD is setting up to turn bullish on the week chart.
Komen: Will that PSAR flip... hmmm.....
Komen: Teal line has held!
6hr charts showing upside for both btc and ltc. I doubt the whales would bring us up past the teal line only to take us down this soon. I have a feeling once they get their coins from the weak hands we will continue our move up to the next line at 80s
Komen: It'll probably play out like something like this.
Komen: This could happen assuming the teal line holds as support.
Komen: This one assumes teal line doesn't hold.
Komen: Ultimately it is the price movement around the teal line that will determine the future out come. If it holds lots of bullish possibilities open. If it does not hold the bullish possibilities are not gone but just delayed. LTC hitting the price of 300-600 within the next 14 months is very likely. 300 being more conservative; 600+ being more bullish.
Komen: 6hr chart progress; more accumulation going on at the moment.
Komen: It maybe a volcanic rally once it starts. There was a 1 million dollar buy wall that popped up yesterday to keep LTC on upward track. This consolidation is a true test of your commitment to Litecoin.
Komen: Patience!
Komen: 4hr PSAR flipped at Bitstamp; Coinbase should follow.
Komen: Hodl. Whales still looking for cheap coins.
Komen: Upside far from done IMO. Those fake sell walls are coming down. New ATH is in the air.
Komen: RSI plateaus before every large leg up on the week chart.
Komen: This week or next week we flip week chart PSAR bullish. And go for a new all time high. The month chart show looks great.
Komen: 12hr chart MACD sloping upwards.
Komen: 6hr and 12hr next to each other.
Komen: Hodling intensifies.
Komen: PSAR now bullish on the 3 day chart.
Komen: Relevant.

Moon is on our side.
Komen: Stoch RSI trending up on the day chart.
According to this BTC will trade sideways or dip while LTC and ETH go up.
Ratios agree. IMO.
More upside is very likely. IMO. Based off the LTC/BTC and LTC/USD week charts.
Komen: The day charts agree as well.
Komen: LTC will go logarithmic just like BTC; we are at the early stages of the log function. Lots of millionaires will be made from LTC in the long run.
Komen: Break of 87 flips week chart PSAR bullish.
Komen: Week chart PSAR flipping will confirm a move to 100+ IMO.
Komen: Month chart in Log, and Linear.
Komen: We are trading in a bullish channel between green and red line on the log chart.
Komen: We are setting up to go full bullish parabolic.
Komen: OBV trend with Price trend. OBV is placing price to be way above 90s on the day chart.
Komen: Hodling intensifies.
Komen: PSAR now bullish on the week chart. Prepare for ATHs.
Komen: We can have 1 - 3 more weeks upside.
Komen: Just imagine in within 8 years 1 LTC = 20,000 - 125,000. We are so early to the game that we can't loose.
Komen: Just a slight pull back. More upside to come. We would not have come this far up to stop now.
Komen: Patience folks.
Komen: The fake sell walls are being pulled away slowly. The 20k sell on GDAX at 90 got reduced to 17k. Patience.
Komen: The wall at 90 went from
17k -> 19k -> 21k
4k of sells got added. The added 4k is a fake wall. IMO.
Komen: Wall at 90 dropped to 20.4k.
Komen: Wall back to 21k+ at 90.
Komen: Other exchanges are trading at lower prices. Not sure why maybe heavy liquidation by parties with ill intent. GDAX and Bithumb holding like a boss.
Komen: Wall at 90 down to 19.9k.
Komen: Wall at 90 down to 16k.

We will continue to consolidate until it is complete. Bulls are clearing out bears. Big buys come through every time we go below 85. Think of this exchange of hands as support building before the big push up. Bullish markets don't always have to correct on the way up.

Once BTC peak we should go up just like during the last ATH. IMO.
Komen: Actually the wall at 90 is 7k. Most of the sells at 90 moved down to lower price levels meaning have already likely started eating up those sells. But I was a sleep so I am missing 9 hours of order book information.
Komen: Patience.
Komen: Holding intensifies. With the 4hr, and 1hr PSAR flipping bullish.,
Komen: Is this not a beautiful day chart or not?
Komen: Good moon.
Komen: This is one bullish AF chart.
Komen: Something to keep in mind. If we do the same growth we had in 2017 in 2018...
Komen: Actually that is not drawn accurately.
Komen: The point is 900 is possible in 2018 if adoption rate stays the same or exceeds.
Komen: Let's just say 400-900 by Q4 2018 to be conservative.
Komen: OBV still placing us at upper 90s.
Komen: Seems like we have entered another consolidation stage; similar to that we had between 85-90 before breaking 90. Except this time it is possibly between 85-95. I think we should resume uptrend on Wednesday.
Komen: Yo checkout that STOCH, and MACD on the 2hr chart. It is setting up to turn bullish on the LTC/BTC and ETH/BTC ratio while BTC/USD is setting up to trade sideways or dip. Hmmm... Up up chicken.
Komen: LTC and ETH next to each other.
Komen: Looking good.

LTC and ETH are probably going to go up with BTC.
That bull flag :D
Komen: BTC is definitely going to pull up ETH and LTC.
Komen: Getting closer and close to the top of the flag.

Komen: LTC is back to business as usual. It's going to be lit.
Komen: People worrying about correction now are wasting their time. smh. We have legs to go on. I think if BTC corrects LTC might dip at first but then bounce stronger while BTC recovers. But to be honest I don't think BTC will correct once it breaks 10k. With all the new money flow from Chicago Exchanges Futures trading in December it will only go up taking us up with it. But bears gotta bear. smh.
Komen: If you have a 401k buy GBTC.
Komen: I should make it clear that the BTC correction if and when it does happen is not going to be as bad as everyone expects it to be.
Komen: Step by step we will go to the moon.
Komen: Some fiat pairs are trading above 100. Hodling intensifies.
Komen: Going to sleep now. Can't wait to see how this all plays out in the morning. Litecoin is on the verge of a new all time high, and very likely a repeat of last years growth. Due to Bitcoin taking up alts. Lot's of new money is entering the market through exchanges as well. The future is bright.
Komen: This is the log and linear chart next to each other for reference in the future.
Komen: Well. Looks like we didn't move at all. The longer we stay in This sideways action the bigger break out. The market is in favor of long positions. BTC will take us up with her.
Komen: Still expect shake downs. On the way up.
Komen: Don't sell too soon. Sell 10-30% from where you think is ATH to buy back if it drops. LTC might pull an big ETH rally.
Komen: I meant to write: Sell 10-30% of your position from where you think is ATH to buy back if it drops. LTC might pull an big ETH rally.
Komen: Blast off near MACD crossover on the 4h chart.
Komen: This may come in handy.
Komen: Cross over is near.
Komen: 100+ is pretty much certain at this point. Korea is at 108
Komen: Korea is at 109
Komen: Korea is at 112
Komen: Korea at 117
Komen: Korea at 118
Komen: We are not done with this rally. People saying it is going to 50-60s are straight up fear mongering. Worst case dip is upper 80s; best case lower 90s but honestly I doubt we will see much of those prices. I think we will keep going up. Just gotta murder some more bears on our way up that is all that means.
Komen: Entering another consolidating zone similar to the one we had at 85-90 and 90-93.
Komen: LOL. All of these people posting about how they left the market on reddit. Trying to get others to leave along with them. These bear tactics won't work on majority of traders but some will be gullible enough to listen to these accounts and give the whales their coins. Remember it is in their best interest to get you to sell b/c they themselves sold, and now want your cheap coins to get back in. Zero ethics with these sharks. It is truly disgusting.
Komen: Enough reddit for me tonight. I am going to sleep. Next update in the morning.
Komen: Good morning 100+. XD.
Komen: Yep. Just as I thought. The whole market is bullish. No correction will be occurring soon. It'll occur later when ever that is.
Komen: We still are likely to have pull backs on the way up. Be aware, these pull backs are not corrections.
Komen: Hodl!
Komen: If it goes sub 100... buy more. That is all I can say. 100 is just the dip of the rocket.
Komen: Meant to write tip instead of dip. lololololol.
Komen: Also I have been informed by anonymous person that there will be a big January rally for LTC. Let's see if that pans out in January.
Komen: Alright we got some plebs telling people to short when everyone is winning. Ignore these plebs they don't know technology. Fucking greedy bastards. smh.
Komen: I still do recommend selling 10-30% of your position at wherever you think is all time high is to buy back the failed dip(s).
Komen: We will probably set new all time highs in U.S. exchange everyday; and likely world wide once the U.S. prices catch up to Korea.
Komen: Going AFK. Back in an hour.
Komen: Stop hunting has start for LTC and BTC. Whales are likely still accumulating.
Komen: Getting bored of reading the same bears comments on reddit. God damn. What a bunch of fucking noobs. This type of shit pisses me off more than it should. They push this fake narrative on people; literally scum. We gotta mace bears for good. Korea is still trading 108+. We will continue to move up.
Komen: Chart should pull itself back together now that we have started the next day candle stick.
Komen: The MACD and PSAR on the day chart don't concern me because they are sort of misleading because of today's dip. Stoch is still trending down but RSI is trending up.

OBV is looking good.
Komen: Korea is back up in the high 90s. We are in the high 80s. We should catch up to them like a day ago.
Komen: Korea is at 99.
Komen: Korea touched 100 briefly. I think we will go up. No reason to be bear now. Not after that dip.
Komen: For the record we have already hit our end of the year targets earlier than expect.

So we are good for higher more bullish targets in 2018.
Komen: PSAR bullish on 1hr chart. RSI oversold in LTC/BTC 1hr chart.
Komen: Current Gann Fans. Breaking 1/1 line confirms that support at 76-78 and below 76 exists. This is good news. BTC has a similar fan. That confirmed that it has support 8500+
Komen: GBTC is forecasting BTC to be worth 15000. If LTC keeps its 0.01 relationship it should mean 150 for LTC is very likely. And also bulls are still in charge because we are above the teal line.
Komen: We broke it meaning support has been confirmed. We'll probably trade sideways until we break the red line and then we are back to the moon trend! :D Assuming Bitcoin doesn't make LTC it's bitch, but to be honesty BTC makes the whole market it's bitch.
Komen: Odds are when the fan is complete the handle on the bullish cup and handle pattern on the day chart will be complete. hodl.
Komen: Progress on the ltc fan.
Komen: OBV still looking good.
Komen: 4hr chart speaks for itself.
Komen: 1hr chart progress.
Komen: PSAR now bullish on the 1hr chart.
Komen: BTC fan for comparison.

Stoch RSI on the 6h and 12h charts showing upside for BTC and LTC
Another big up move up developing on the 6h and 12h
Komen: Fans coming along nicely.
Komen: indicators point up on the 4h chart.
Komen: Setting up to flip 2hr PSAR bullish.
Komen: If BTC breaks 11k and stays above it. Prepare you rocket ships.
Komen: As I initially thought. The day chart MACD slope should remain positive, meaning a crossover may not occur; meaning the day chart is still bullish. Stoch RSI almost ready too. The price action the past few days was probably for a shake and bake.
Komen: Remember sell 10-30% of your position from where you think the chart will dip to mitigate dips up to 10-30%; also you'll get to buy the failed dip.
Pretty sure BTC is going to takes us up with her.
Komen: Generally a bullish sign when 3 rare doji stars appear on a 12hr chart.
Komen: Last time one of these appeared was way back at 4-5k.
Komen: You can read about the long-legged Doji here:
Komen: It is slicing through those Gann Fans like butter.
Potential break of the red fan within 2 days. It would mean we could go higher for a much higher ATH. And it would conveniently start on a new week candle stick. Meaning that week chart would remain bullish.
Komen: Week chart.
Komen: Same deal with BTC

Komen: 1hr chart. Those fans are getting closer.
Komen: Flipping 4hr chart PSAR bullish confirms breaking of red fan. IMO.
Komen: This year.
Komen: PSAR now bullish on the 4hr chart.
Komen: BTC is next. Then I am going to assume everything is going to go up.
Komen: Korea is back to 100+
Komen: 12hr chart MACD turning bullish. For BTC, LTC, and LTC/BTC .
Komen: Can we flip that 6hr PSAR pls B0SS.
Komen: 6hr PSAR now bullish.
Komen: Lets get to our 110-150 target before selling. yes?
Komen: Big Picture.
Komen: 15min setting up for second push. :)
Komen: Charge!
Komen: Yeah!!! 15 min PSAR bullish again!
Komen: I wonder if we can flip the day chart PSAR bullish.
Komen: 12hr chart says it is very likely.
Komen: PSAR on the day chart now bullish! hodl!
Komen: up up chicken.
Komen: Going to bed. 3hr naps it is.
Komen: It is very likely we keep moving up.
Komen: 1hr chart setting up. For more upward moves :)
Komen: We are very likely consolidating around 100s just like we did during the 85s. :D It would suck to be bear in this market. Playing the dollar or 3 swings is not worth it.
Komen: The next day candle starts in 2ish hours. Price could be being lowered to make the following day candlestick easier to turn green.
Komen: We have started the new day candle.

If not today then definitely by the end of tomorrow we should move up. Because that is when the new week candle will begin.
Komen: Basically Sunday or Monday we should see move.
Komen: Just gotta break these new fans. :)
Komen: And... 1hr PSAR is now bullish. Up up chicken.
Komen: Going to bed. I have a good feeling that once the next week candle starts chart is going to boom.
Komen: Note next week candle starts on Monday.
Komen: I should also note that more consolidation = greater move up. Soo the more we hangout up here... it makes the move stronger.
Komen: What have progressed along the fans.
Komen: How is this not a cup and handle pattern. We have autistic bears on twitter.
Komen: If you lack imagination. Then let me imagine for you. 1 litecoin is going to be worth 1000+ in less than 12 months.
Komen: Lot's of bear TA's coming through. This means we are set to for new highs. Do not for get to manage risk. Aside from that HODL. It is the best course of action. Shitty TA's should be banned on tradingview. No experience some of these newbs.
Komen: We have started the new week candle. Here is the new Gann fan we have to break before more upside. I think we will brake it without a problem.
Komen: Week chart.
Komen: Going to bed. Back in 8ish hrs. If we keep consolidating near 100s... odds are we will have a much higher targets in the future.
Komen: Chart is doing more consolidating. Just another good sign.
Stoch is oversold on BTC/USD, LTC/USD, and LTC/BTC

Just means more sideways trading.
Komen: "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." -- Warren Buffett

Should be

"Cryptocurrencies are a mechanism for transferring money from the impatient to the hodlers." -- MertB.
Komen: Segwit is coming to Coinbase.... You know what that means... Lightening network is also coming. (:
Komen: Breaking red fan confirms support at 95, and 90. We might be ready to continue to move up soon. If not we just trade more sideways until the whales have accumulated, and then we go for a huge move up.
Komen: OBV still trending up.
Komen: OBV on the 2 day chart.
Komen: Inch by inch it will happen.
Komen: hmm.....

Komen: Fan broken. Support at sub 95 confirmed. Potentially more sideways action... until it is time. Support channel moved up 25 bucks. Currently at OBV level before the correction and China FUD; meaning we will continue from the trend we left off. Which is the teal line.
Komen: Lol. The bears are getting tired and indecisive. It is easier to just hold at the moment. LTC can go much higher sooner than everyone expects. If it goes up too quickly it'll come down... that will be the time to properly short... Anyway LTC has started developing its exponential S-Curve on the log chart. Just like the BTC S-Curve, LTC will be the second investable S-Curve in the market because of it's limited supply and growing demand. So things are looking great in the long run. The % returns 1-2 years from now are going to be insane. Try not to loose vision because the chart is in the favor of long positions. Anything under 100 1 year from now will be considered dirt cheap.
Komen: On a side note GBTC values BTC at 18k. I think BTC will get to 18k maybe go even higher, while taking up LTC along with it.
Komen: Eyyy! Litecoin ETF is in the works. That is great! 2018 will be exciting.
Komen: Still bullish.
Komen: Coinbase has 11.9 million users. The circulating supply of BTC is 16 million. Do the math... If each user buys one BTC the actual float of BTC becomes <1-2 million.

The circulating supply of LTC is 54 million. When Coinbase reaches 54 million users and each user buys one LTC the actual float of LTC becomes <1-2 million as well.

It is basically a guarantee that the price of LTC will increase with the growth of Coinbase user base. Since Coinbase is experiencing a growth of 1.2 million new users per month, and it's current user base is 11.9 million. It would take a little over 35 months for the user base to reach the circulating supply of LTC which is about 2.9-3 years. Meaning about 3 years from now LTC can be worth 12k. Over the course of the 3 years the circulating will be accumulated by new and old users to a point where the float is close to BTC's current float.

Hodl. If the rate at which new Coinbase accounts are created continue to grow 4 digits will be hit sooner than anyone expects. The growth Coinbase matches the parabolic growth of Bitcoin, and Litecoin.
Komen: Be patient guys. This is how LTC goes up. BTC/USD goes up first while LTC/USD trades sideways (accumulation) this causes the LTC/BTC ratio goes down. Then when BTC/USD starts trading sideways or dips, LTC/USD goes up, and the ratio goes up. The type of price movement we are seeing at 100 is the same type of movement we saw way back at 10 dollars last year. This is a mega bullish sign. Anyone else telling you that it is not... is a shill or a noob TA. LTC is building legs at 100 before it can pull another 4 to 100 type of move like it did in 2017.
It'll go up soon. Just more sideways action.
Komen: Week chart is looking great!
Komen: Our turn is coming up soon...
Komen: At this point I can see Litecoin hitting 2k by the end of 2018. Market is only going to get more bullish. Price timelines are moving closer than farther.
Komen: 1, 2, and 3 day charts next to each other.
Komen: Holy sheet. It hit all the targets based off the Nov 7th cheat sheet. Click the chart below and hit play to see.
Komen: If more consolidation occurs around 150-170 I think we are set to go up much higher. The chart right now is exactly like it was when LTC went from 10 to 50. Maybe we will go from 100-500.
Komen: Tbh. These prices are still significantly undervalued for Litecoin.
Support sub at 135 is confirmed once we are through the Gann Fans.
PSAR flipping Gann Fan setting up to break up.
Resistance is going to be at 170. After that we should be good (potentially).
LTC/BTC chart is turning bullish on the week chart.
Komen: Hodl for life. IMO. What we have been seeing is the start of mass adoption. The time frames for long term price targets have been accelerated. In 2018 we will definitely break 1-2k
Komen: 12hr Volume Price; total number of buy and sell volumes every 20 dollars up.
Komen: 1D Volume Price chart.
Support at 135 and 275 exist. I think once this fan breaks (ie... the bull flag completes); could continue going to 800+. I know that sounds crazy but looking at the log chart... it makes lots of sense.
Komen: Log chart
Komen: The flag I mentioned above:
Komen: Volume Price chart.
Komen: I think we will break 2.5k LTC within the next 6 months.
Komen: So far so good. Oscillators are coiling up.

Komen: LTC/BTC Macd is now bullish on the week chart. :D
Komen: Still in Gann Fans. Setting up neatly to break the fans. PSAR is now bullish on the 1hr chart. Support between 250-275 for now.
Komen: lettuce see where we go from here... still over all bullish regarding the whole market.

The 4hr chart is definitely shaping up. But it make shake off some more weak hands first. So don't be surprised if it creates some whiplash.
Komen: BTC will go up first, and LTC will follow. Support between 250-275 is still a good entry point.
Komen: I guess BTC is going to go sideways while alts rally! LTC looking smooth :D
Komen: 6hr MACD looking gr8
Komen: Moved here:
What do you think of the little brouhaha today with Coinbase and BCH, and will it affect the long term prospects of Litecoin?
Agreed!! Thank you for your charts!!!
Man that 2.5k outlook........I'm trying to keep my expectations grounded after that last rally but a $2500 LTC will change a lot of lives for those that hodl. I hope you're right.
MertB gianogav1
@gianogav1, It'll get there. Like a tree, LTC needs water, and sunlight.
Thanks, great TA as usual!
Would you expect LTC to rally again anytime soon?
MertB burg28
@burg28, That is what I am insinuating. It may take a little while; this consolidation is a bullish signal.
+1 Balas
MertB MertB
@MertB, Little while = Friday, or Monday (start of the new week candle) or Wed.
+2 Balas
@MertB, Bro your good on the timeframe. You've been right in the long run always. @burg28 Just be patient
@MertB There you are. Timings like clockwork
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