KRAKEN:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Litecoin is skyrocketing. It's above of USD 300 on GDAX now. LTC rose above of an important trendline (USD224). Apart from extremely overbought conditions my indicator system shows no sell signal.
The last time I had a clear buy signal (oversold conditions + buy signal on my indicator system) was 15-SEP. PP is at 51 224/51 ratio is still a good deal. All above is especially a pleasure to have.
Count with some, slight correction, as we have a BB crash, but sit back and enjoy the show.

Good luck!
Professional trader, using patented technology to detect moves of large players (market makers). Part of my techniques work on cryptos as well.

Sorry, I have no time to write my explanations.
'Follow smarts, make money'