Litcoin (LTCUSD) Long current $52.53 6Oct17

BITSTAMP:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Litecoin Breakout trade

R:R 2.5:1

Sean Vengan
Professional Trader and Trading Educator

1. If you don't agree with my views or analysis and looking to just be mischievous, it's very simple, FOLLOW SOMEONE ELSE
2. I am not here to give you financial advice and if you take a trade it is YOUR FULL RESPONSIBILITY, not mine.
3. I am not your Professional Trading Mentor or here to provide you with a Free Professional Trading Advisory Service.
4. I am not obliged to provide analysis, commentary or answer any of your questions. I am here to trade for my sole benefit, not for your benefit.
5. I am a paid member, not a free member, so I am on Trading Views to use their paid services. My presence on TV is not to provide you with analysis.
6. I am happy to help you in your trading if I choose to and I feel you are being courtesy. It is my free choice to answer you, I am not obliged to.
7. If I provide and give up MY VALUABLE TIME providing analysis to you please respect that I am providing it FREE of charge. Appreciate it and don't take it for granted.
8. If you comment to me, simply be courteous and we can show each other mutual respect. If you are rude or disrespectful I will ignore you or send you a curt reply.
9. If you are abusive I will report you and will leave it to the moderators to decide if you should be banned.
10. If you don't like my views eg If I think Bitcoin is going up and you think it is going down, then please do not abuse me just for having opposing view to you. Show us all your analysis, don't hide behind rude comments and alias name. Lack of analysis shows lack of knowledge and experience.
11. I have no issue with you expressing your opinion or disagreeing with my views but please DON'T DISRESPECT me or other traders or write personal comments, this is offensive.
12. I have over 10years+ solid Trading Experience. I do not need to justify myself to you my knowledge and experience, my analysis and commentary demonstrate my skills and expertise.
Another good one Sean! Keep it up..!
Does anyone know what happened which caused a suddent spike from $51 to $56?
Another successful trade thanks to @SEAN_VENGAN !!
@SEAN_VENGAN I'm still holding from this trade, so glad I did :D
Hello Sean, i love the work you do. This is the first trade I follow and yesterday removed the stoploss and still in. I know is not a good idea, that's the reason of having stoploss. Considering this, do you recomend keep this position open? Thanks!
beekingo beekingo
@beekingo, still HODL. ;)
Hi Sean, what opinion do you have about LTC and other alts that going down while BTC is going up? Do you think LTC is going up before the fork of BTC? Do you think that everyone are selling ALTs to buy BTC before the fork?
Thank's for your feedback.
I was stopped out Sean on this trade. How do you feel about 50 holding. It seems a support.
Thanks Sean, I also love Litecoin but it is freaking me out right now. You think its worth sticking with it or better off converting to Bitcoin?
mike_tu Silver-Collector
@Silver-Collector, me too! I bought some at 52,83 expecting it to go higher, but it only dropped... Looks like it lost all volume for Bitcoin.
+1 Balas
@mike_tu, I just cashed out gonna get on the bitcoin train til the forks happen. After might be good opportunity to get some alt coins cheap and many people doing the same may cause them to BOOM! Well good luck.
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